Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya
Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya

By Wola Edun

The General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya has called for prayers to forestall violent revolution and overthrows of wicked leaders across the world. “It is a year of war again lack and famine.”

Painting the 30-point ‘Prophetic Picture’ of 2023, Olukoya said that God will humble the proud in the New Year and that it is a year of strange wars for the attention of the people by the enemies, mental, emotional, health, spiritual and physical.

The General Overseer said there will be divine judgement on leaders and their collaborators, as “God will deal with evil and wickedness,” according to Ecclesiastes 8 verse 11. “God will dismantle mighty men, who stand on His way. God will fight for His children,” he stressed.

He described the year as one for judgement for those who shed the blood of the innocent, noting that the Year 2023 portends regrets and judgement for ritual killers, most of whose activities shall backfire.

According to him, the New Year has regrets for youths, who refuse to exercise restraint on sexual escapades and warned the youth not to assume that everyone they see around them as humans are really human beings. “If you join them, it is finished,” he warned.

Stressing that anytime you see figure 23 in the Bible, it conveys the idea of death and resurrection, the man of God stated that the most critical issue in the New Year is three-fold of what God wants to do; what the powers of darkness want to do and what God wants the people to do. “It is a year that the flesh must be mortified. A year to wage very serious war against the spirit of procrastination, the process of which many have ran into trouble,” he explained.

Olukoya, who urged the people to seriously pray that the mercy of God pushes back God’s judgement, charged people to key into the Book of Isaiah, which he described as a replica of a whole Bible, with 66 verses and chapters respectively. “Form the habit of seeking and receiving help from heaven,” he advised.

Suggesting ten antidotes to survive the challenges posed by Year 2023, he said the people should always be sincere and authentic before God; become prayer addicts; be involved in praise revival; be quick to forgive; be teachable; be a giver, both materially and spiritually; guard your heart with all diligence; cover self with the blood of Jesus; pray for the grace of the flesh to die daily and pray that God ransoms you from the powers of the grave and the graveyard.

In his sermon, earlier before the New Year, themed ‘The Prison of The Flesh’, the MFM General Overseer lamented that there was a prison and there is still the prison, called the ‘prison of the flesh,’ which put many in trouble last year. He stressed that “It is up to you to decide to either kill the flesh or allow it to continue to control you.”

He took the Bible passages from John 6:63 and Luke 9:23.

“The flesh has the capacity to run things and until we have emptied ourselves, we cannot dwell in Christ. You cannot see him with the eyes but Mr. Flesh operates within the eyes, heart, soul etc. The greatest enemy is not the devil, it is Mr. Flesh,” he said, adding that it comes through pride, bad temper, lustful eyes and is a thief.

Olukoya noted that the devil comes to people when they open doors to him through unmortified flesh, asserting that for the enemy to come into one, there must be a ladder, which is the flesh. The enemy knows the evil, immoral activities people indulge in. “The flesh is the landing space for the aircraft of darkness,” he explained.


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