Pastor E. A. Adeboye

I have told you before that you don’t find me in any of our meetings beginning the service the way some people will do, saying ‘we are about to start this service now devil we bind you etc.’ You don’t hear me say that, why? Because I have seen people binding the devil in the morning service and then they bind him in the evening service which means he got loosed between morning service and evening service.

Now if he is that slippery how do I know that five minutes after I bind him, he won’t be loose? But I have found a better way of dealing with the devil; he doesn’t stay where people are praising God. Because God happens to be his number one enemy and nobody likes to stay where they are praising their enemy.

That is why I start my own service by asking you to praise God. May I hear someone shout another halleluiah!


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