Vain is the help of a man who has not been inspired to help you. Fix your gaze on God. You must ensure that you let go of disappointments, hurts and bitterness.

There were lots of “discouragers” but I stayed firm in my faith. I was not going to lose my life to kidney failure.

Instead of allowing my spirit to be dampened by unkind words of discouragers, I took solace in God’s comforting words. I also basked in the love of the few faithful people in my corner.

I knew God had placed people of grace around me. People who were there to encourage and assist me. People who were always praying for me and were ready to heed my call for physical and psychological help. Yet, I needed to deal with my emotions to avoid rubbishing the few people who God had positioned to help me at the initial stage.

I remember a notable occurrence during this period. In December 2013, I had received some injections as part of my treatment from the US. I enlisted the services of one of my sisters in the Lord who was a nurse. She had to administer the special injections on me for three days. The injection was very slimy and thick. Unfortunately, after it was administered, the injection spot was infected. This led to a serious case of abscess.

This very kind nurse felt bad about the turn of events. She reiterated that she was very careful when she was administering the injections. If I was a very emotional person or I didn’t trust her personal competence, I could have been upset with her. I could have assumed it was her carelessness that caused it or that she had been out to hurt me. In fact, I had one or two people who suggested these thoughts to me. But I refused to indulge in such train of thought.

She was not just a woman I loved and respected, I led her to Christ. She became converted from Islam to Christianity through me. It was also my privilege to have administered Holy Ghost baptism on her with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Her conversion and baptism happened about two years before the injection abscess incident occurred.

Before her conversion experience, she was engaged by the church I was pastoring in 2010 to manage the clinic we established. The clinic was part of the corporate social responsibility of our Church. She proved to be competent, professional and friendly to all the patients who visited the clinic. I was more enthralled by her deft financial management skill. She introduced a resolving funding scheme in the clinic. The implementation of this scheme ensured that the clinic was self-funding all the medications and consumables used in the clinic. The impact of the clinic in the community was impressive. The clinic even attracted the attention of kings, chiefs and several Muslims in the community where our church was located in Mende, Maryland area of Lagos.

Mrs. Jumoke Abass remains a quintessential nurse and Christian indeed. I was actually grateful to God to have her in my corner. Till today, she is one of the precious gifts God has blessed my wife and I with in Christianity.

I calmed the nurse down and told her it wasn’t her fault. Things like this happen to the best of us. I was not going to allow this come between our friendship and fellowship in Christ.

I spent some time treating the wound. As a matter of fact, I travelled to USA in January 2014 to treat the wound properly and attend to the nephrotic syndrome. Dr. Emeka Anekwe and Dr. Adekunle Adedeji were two angels God raised for me in USA. Both medical practitioners in Elpaso, Texas, gave me the best medical treatment anyone can get in USA. At their own expense. This included accommodation and feeding.

My sister-in-law, Pastor Linda Adeduro, a nurse practitioner and a wound-care specialist in Los Angeles later provided excellent home care for me. Despite her busy schedule, she ensured that she treated the wound daily. The interesting thing about her level of professionalism was that she never disclosed my condition to my brother, her husband, Pastor Bolaji Adeduro. Yet, the home treatment lasted for close to seven weeks under their roof. Thankfully, the abscess wound healed up nicely. Just like everything else in this book, it is now a testimony of God’s sustaining grace.


The same way I had people around to encourage and offer assistance when needed, was the same way I had discouragers and naysayers.

I can remember when someone I highly respected told me with such alarm in his voice that “most people died from this disease”, when I informed him of what I had been diagnosed with. He even went a step further to relate the story of someone personal to him who had it and died in the process of treatment. Although, all of this was true and I could understand where he was coming from, I still felt disappointed.

If you asked five people what they thought about kidney disease or kidney failure, four of them would immediately think “death” and the fifth wouldn’t give a clear reply.

But at the same time, at that point, I felt like this man was telling me to prepare to die. I felt like he believed I had no fighting chance.

Reflecting on this years later, I realize that everything I did during that period, every move I took, was backed by God’s sustenance.

Pastor Wale Adeduro is a Pastor in Charge of one of the Provinces of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. He is a trained journalist, a writer and an author whose works have been published since 1986 in the many Nigerian national newspapers.

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