Pastor E. A. Adeboye
Pastor E. A. Adeboye

By Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Text:  Mark 5:25-34

This woman had problems. She was sick. She was poor because everything she had had gone on the sickness that refused to go. She was sad. You don’t have to be there to know that one. She was a reproach to the family. She was carrying the sickness around as if it were a curse. She was always ashamed of herself. Of course nobody needs to tell you that she was barren because even if she had a husband because of the issue of blood there was no pregnancy. But then she had a taste of heaven. She had a contact with the one who was heaven on earth and everything changed! Her sickness left.

The thing that was draining her resources was gone. Her reproach ended. There was no more shame in her life; her shame was turned to glory! And I can assure you her sorrow became joy.

I have good news for somebody here today. Are you sick? You will have a taste of heaven and you will be made whole. Are you poor? You will have a taste of heaven and in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

If what I am saying does not concern you then you keep quiet but I know that there is someone here today because you are going to have a taste of heaven, your future is going to be all right.

When that woman touched Jesus, she touched the prophet. You see all prophets had always said, thus saith the Lord or the Word of the Lord came unto me saying but Jesus Christ is the Prophet.

Whenever He wants to talk He will say, Verily, verily I say unto you.  Because this woman touched Jesus who was heaven on earth and touched the Prophet her own prophecy became fulfilled because she said, if I can touch the helm of His garment I will be healed.

She prophesied, came in contact with the prophet and her prophesy came to pass.

How do I know that? Because the Bible says in Acts 2:17-18 that it will come to pass in the last days I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters shall multiply and these are the last days that is why your prophesies will be fulfilled today. Remember the Almighty God said in Numbers 14:26-28 He said as you have spoken in my ears so will I do unto you.

The Shunnamite woman when the Man of God asked her how it was with her? She prophesied to herself. At first she said it will be well. At the end she said it is well.

You have probably heard me share this testimony. I went to dedicate one of our churches in the East and as is my custom, anytime I come in I will drop a prophecy. I just entered the church and I said there is somebody here who will never weep again. And there was a man there, who has suffered a stroke and he had been in sorrow from that day. As soon as he heard that word he grabbed it and said Ah, thank God it is me. Within 5 minutes he was completely whole!

·May I prophesy to you today “there is somebody here today who will never weep again!

Some of you who come to the Holy Ghost Services regularly you will remember the testimony of a lady who came to the Congress like this and a word of prophesy came out that there was a woman present whose womb had been destroyed through abortion and God said I will give you a new womb and I will give you a set of twins. Ah! And she said O God Thank You – that’s me! But after the programme she went to the altar and said Lord, thank You for what you said You are going to do for me but I don’t have the capacity to handle twins. Make it just one but let it be a boy and let the boy be born on my birthday. She negotiated her prophesy. Nine months later on her very birthday a baby boy was born! And then after she negotiated that she said to the Almighty God, “You know I’m HIV positive what is the use of having a baby if I’m not going to live to take care of the baby? Complete the job! Heal me too”. And she went for another test and she tested HIV negative.

And then because this woman touched Jesus who was heaven on earth she touched the high priest because according to Hebrews 4:14 & 15 the Bible tells us that we have in Jesus Christ a high priest, a high priest that can be touched by our feelings of infirmity.

·Oh Thank You my Father! The Lord said there is someone here today; He said you think I have abandoned you. No I have not done so and before the end of the year you will know I am by your side.

This woman touched our high priest a compassionate high priest, a merciful high priest.

 Do you know if you have a taste of heaven because He is high priest you too will become a priest. What does that mean? It means if you have a taste of heaven just as that woman touched Jesus and was healed anyone you touch will also be healed.

·In other words there is someone here today you are not only going to be healed but from now on anyone you touch shall be healed.

The Lord said in Mark 16:17 & 18 that you will lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

There was a man who had a taste of heaven. His name was Paul. He used to be Saul of Tarsus then he had a taste of heaven and he had a new name and they began to call him Paul.

And the Bible says in Acts 19:11-12, that God performed special miracles by the hand of Paul that aprons and handkerchiefs were taken from his body to the sick and they were healed and demons departed from them.

You heard the testimonies that came today, those who went away with the dress they wore to one of the programmes and began to use those dresses to heal. You will be the next fellow to share your testimony.

Take good care of the dress that you are wearing today because the power of the Most High God is going to saturate every bit of it.

Talking about your dress healing the sick, some of you have heard me share the testimony before. I had just returned from the United States of America when a sister came to us and said, help me sir, my grandmother was sick. They took her to the hospital and operated on her. Maybe because she was very old, when they sewed her back it refused to heal and so whenever she ate, the food was coming out of the wound.  The doctors said there was nothing they could do for her that she was going to die. She said, “Please sir, anything you can do. My grandmother is old. Let her be healed before she dies”. I don’t like the situation in which she was. I told her I’m too tired to travel but I said the God of Paul is also my God so I asked her to go and get me a handkerchief. She brought a handkerchief. I laid my hands on the handkerchief; prayed a simple prayer and asked her to take it to the grandmother. She took it by faith – Laid it on the wound. By the following day the doctors came to check whether Grandma had died. They could not even find the scar of where they had operated on her!

She touched Jesus and touched the prophet. She touched Jesus and touched the priest. She touched Jesus who was heaven on earth and had a taste of the King of Kings! Revelation 19:11-16 it is done!

 As a matter of fact a man came to Jesus Christ and he said, “You don’t have to come to my house to heal my servant, speak the Word only because I know there is power in your Word of the king”. What is the beauty of that? If you have a taste of heaven you can prophesy and it will come to pass because you would have touched the prophet. If you have a taste of heaven you would have touched the high priest and you would become a priest so that whoever you touch would be healed.

When you have a taste of heaven you would have touched the king of kings and you too would become a king and then you will begin to rule by decree.

When you touch the high priest, you yourself will become a priest because Revelation 1:5-6 said Jesus Christ had made us priests and kings to His father and when you are a king you will begin to rule by decree.

The Bible says in Job 22:28 you will decree a thing and it will be established unto you. Matthew 16:19 says, “whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven; whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven”. It went further to say in Isaiah 45:11 the Almighty God said you can even extend the decree to Him, He said: Concerning the works of my hand, command ye me!!

Today, because you are going to have a taste of heaven, every decree you issue shall come to pass.

Let me remind you of a story. Remember, I have told some of you before. I went to Ghana to visit our churches there. As I finished I came back to the airport and because I knew my driver would be waiting for me here at the airport in Nigeria, every money in my pocket I handed it over to the missionaries there. And they left. After they left, the plane that was supposed to bring us to Nigeria, there was an announcement “ that that plane would first of all take those who were going to Sierra Leone to Sierra Leone before coming back to take us to Lagos!  And I was hungry. I had no money left. What do I do? Suddenly I remembered I can decree a thing and it shall be established. So I said, “I decree all the officers of Ghana Airways you will have no rest of mind until I leave this place”. And I said it quietly. Within five minutes all the officers of the airways ran to where we were staying, “Where are those of you who are going to Nigeria?” We said we are here! “Has anybody given you something to eat?” We said no. We are sorry, there is no food. We only have this big cake. Half bread is better than nothing. So they cut the big cake to slices and gave us one-one. Because I was hungry I finished my own in a jiffy. They gave us a bottle of coke each. I drank my own almost immediately! And then the leader of the group came to me and said. You want more? There is only one slice left. I said, yes ma! She gave me that one and gave me another bottle of coke. I ate that one like a gentleman and I was still drinking the bottle of coke when they made an announcement. The plane will go to Nigeria first before going to Sierra Leone. I said good. When I was about to enter the plane I turned round and said, “You officers of Ghana Airways, now you can have peace of mind.”

You want me to decree something today? I didn’t hear you!

When you have a taste of heaven you can prophesy and it will come to pass because you would have touched the prophet. If you have a taste of heaven you can become a priest because you would have touched the high-priest. When you have a taste of heaven you become a king and begin to rule by decree because you would have touched the King of Kings! So how do I have a taste of heaven? How do I touch heaven on earth? It’s by faith. Aggressive faith!

You see in this story we read in Mark 5:34 when the woman with the issue of blood was made whole. What was it that Jesus said to her? Daughter, thy faith has made thee whole. He didn’t say Daughter, I have healed you. He didn’t say Daughter; the power of the virtue that came out of me has made you whole! He said thy faith has made thee whole! Not ordinary faith! Aggressive faith! Because the woman came in behind she forced her way in! There was a multitude there and she moved in from the back, pushed one fellow to the right, the next fellow to the left and the other “Ah! What’s wrong with you? I will tell you when I’m coming back! She pushed another fellow! Pushed another fellow until she got to Jesus! Aggressive faith!

There is something about God and that is God is not a talkative. The Bible says God has spoken once. Twice have I heard it that power belongs to God. When God speaks twice, it is grace. When He speaks 3 times, it is Amazing Grace but 4 times!! 4 times God said the just shall live by faith! How many times? 4 times. Habakkuk 2:4; Romans 1:17; Galatians 3:11; Hebrews 10:38. I pray for you today that the Almighty God will put fire into your faith. The kind of faith that will move mountains, God will release to you in Jesus’ Name!

Aggressive faith: We have the testimony of a woman who went to visit her children in London and while she was there she had a stroke. If somebody has a stroke in Nigeria they want to take the fellow to London for better treatment but this woman said take me to Nigeria, take me to Redemption Camp. The children said, “Mama what’s wrong with you? Here you will get all the treatment you can”. She said, “No, no, no. Take me to Redemption Camp. If I get there I will be healed”. “Mama we know you go there to pray but God is everywhere”! She said to the children, “I know He is everywhere but Redemption Camp is His headquarters. Take me there”! They brought her back from London. The moment she stepped on this ground, she had complete healing. Because of aggressive faith! Is there anybody here today who says because I am at the headquarters of Almighty God I will not go home with my problem? Is there anybody like that here? Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’

Mark 2:1-12 is the story of one young man who was sick; paralyzed from the neck downwards and his friends brought him to Jesus and when they got there, there was no room for them to enter the house. There was a crowd there. The doors were blocked, the windows were blocked. But these 4 boys that brought their friends, they had violent faith. They climbed to the roof. They tore the roof. It is interesting that the Bible did not even tell us who repaired the roof and they dropped their friend before Jesus.

The Bible said Jesus saw their faith! Their faith was raw, naked, and violent! Great faith but yet Jesus said to that young man, faith or no faith, we have to take care of your sin first. He said thy sins be forgiven thee. He saw their faith“ raw faith, strong faith “ but before He could heal him, before He could give him his miracle, before He could give him his taste of heaven he said the issue of sin must be settled first. Listen to me my beloved brethren, when my boss speaks it is always true.

 If He says it is well, it is well. If He says your tomorrow will be all right, it will be all right. And I’m telling you God is here today, if He says He’s going to heal a multitude, that’s what He will do. You can see the multitude and still ask yourself why am I still left out? If sin stays on in your life, it will block the healing power of the most High God.

If you want a taste of heaven you must surrender your life to Jesus first.


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