Late Pastor Abel Aderibigbe

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E. A. Adeboye has eulogized late Assistant General Overseer, Pastor Abel Adetunji Aderibigbe for a life well spent in the service of the Lord.

The cleric spoke at the burial service for the late Pa Aderibigbe held on Friday at RCCG House of Favour, Redemption City of God.

“I am here to honour my teacher”, Adeboye said. 

He recounted how the deceased motivated and taught him the real implication of fame during one of his Sunday school teachings titled ‘On the Everlasting Hand of God.’

Adeboye said the illustration the deceased gave which was not in the Sunday School Manual catapulted him to where he is today because after the teachings He never looked back.  He said he was touched with the illustration he gave.

The illustration reads “if a child is standing on the balcony of a house, he looks down and sees his father, and he says to the father shall I jump? And the father says jump, the child will jump because the child knows the father will not allow him to hit the ground.”

The General Overseer noted that his teacher helped strengthen his faith and he will surely miss him, noting that no one could take his space.

He said “I will surely miss him, because he helped strengthen my faith, he left a vacuum no one can fill. He was my teacher. He taught me faith.”

He recounted how he visited the deceased and how his eyes gave it away that he will soon die.

“I came to visit him before he passed on and when I looked at his eyes, I saw clearly that he will soon go, because you could see the eyes of somebody who has seen the Glory of the Lord, they look different, they look far away. You may think they are looking at you but they are not actually seeing you.”

The man of God said that he knew that his friend, teacher is with the Lord and he doesn’t doubt his place of rest.

“There is no doubt about it that my friend, my teacher is with the Lord and no doubt about that at all”

Pastor Obayemi, the National Overseer Emeritus while also giving his words of admonition said the gathering was to celebrate and not of sorrow because God took Baba from grass to grace and he remained under grace till end.

He also narrated his first encounter with the deceased before he became a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

“My first contact with him was in 1968 when my mother took me to him to measure me for the first suit I ever worn. That time I never knew I will be in the Redeem Christian Church of God. And the joke he gave on that day was the one I met when I first met him here in the church. I reminded him”

He asked the congregation if they were prepared as the late Baba Gabriel was.

He said “how am I sure of this?  some years  when I was still the National Overseer,he sent for me, when I got there he told me what he should not tell somebody who is so far from him both in status, age and everything. After he had said it all, he said I should pray for him and I said Baba no be me oo me I cannot pray for you. He said by the authority of Adeboye and the Governing Council who appointed you, am not saying this because of your age but because you are the National Overseer over this issue pray for me. I pray for him but I didn’t know how I did, the Holy Spirit helped me.”

The General Overseer further admonished the congregation to be mindful of their utterances.

“Be careful what is coming out of your mouth you can never tell the impact of the statement you make on somebody, you can never tell how tremendously great can be the impact of your statement. A statement from him gave me the solid foundation for my faith. Watch because when you speak , like the elders will say the word you speak is like an egg once it touches the ground and it breaks you can’t put it together again,” Adeboye stated.

He also called out the family of the deceased and showered prayers on them.

In attendance was Wife of the General Overseer, Pastor (Mrs) Folu Adeboye and many senior pastors amongst other dignitaries.


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