Bishop Stephen Adegbite
Bishop Stephen Adegbite

By Wole Edun

The Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter, Bishop Stephen Adegbite has described the message of Christmas as a message of peace.   “I take it from what happened when Christ was sailing on the sea of Galilee. 

There was terrible raging storm and the disciples were terrified.  They were confused.  They taught that would be their end as Christ was sleeping.   They must have felt somehow that how would the Master be sleeping when our lives are in danger.   They came to him and in their state of fear said unto Him: “Master, don’t you care that we perish?”  He must have been surprised at their unbelief that what would make them to perish where He was, more-so, when He that created the author of ‘peril’ was right there with them.  He simply said to the raging storm: “Peace Be Still” and there was instant calmness. 

Leveraging on this truth, like David when he was before Goliath, by the special grace of God, there will be Peace in Nigeria in 2023 because Christ is in control of our nation.  Nigeria will never become an abandoned project.  God is interested in this nation.  God has brought us thus far.  There is a reason for it and that purpose would be achieved.  There will be greater Nigeria.  Nigeria will be great again in our own life time and it is going to surprise people what the Lord would do” he said.

Adegbite said every evil prediction and prophecy against Nigeria would not stand because Almighty God’s pronouncement on Nigeria is peace, joy, tranquility during the Christmas and in 2023. 

According to him, God is asking Nigerians to relax because He is in control as He is going to fight our battle for us in Nigeria and we are going to hold our peace and again I say that this is Christmas message and the name of Jesus is Prince of Peace.

Adegbite speaking on security situation in Nigeria said God will silence bandits, insurgency, kidnappers, rapists, those into ritual and all evil doers and in the Name of Jesus, 2023 will be the end of Boko Haram in this country called Nigeria, adding that 2023 will be the end of pain and agony in Nigeria.

He called on Nigerians to believe, trust in God and be diligent.

“We are going to have a great Nigeria again, Nigeria of our dream where Nigerians can travel to any part of the country as it was from 1966 to 1968 up to 2002

“Nigeria used to be peaceful and would be peaceful again and God will deal with everyone disturbing Nigeria by raising up His own standard against them.

“Those with evil prophecies should go and sit down and allow Nigeria to have peace.  God is certainly bigger than any prophet and after He has spoken, every other person should hold their peace.  God is saying it is well with Nigeria and this is what we hold on to tenaciously.  Nigerians have every reason to celebrate during this Christmas” he said.

Adegbite said that for 2023 election, the campaign that must take place must be issue based as he charged politicians to treat issues confronting the nation, Nigeria.

He added that candidates should tell Nigerians the solutions they are proffering to the numerable problems confronting Nigerians and whosoever becomes the President must be answerable to Nigerians.

He called on Nigerians to get their PVC and vote in credible leaders either as governor or the President and that time to lie to Nigerians was over.

  On the allegation calling for his removal as CAN Chairman, Lagos State, he said the person who initiated the idea and that comes from the minority body of CAN has apologized for making such pronouncement, adding that he comes from one of the five blocks of CAN and going by his pedigree, all other four blocks including members of his own block rose up against him, passing vote of confidence on him, Adegbite as an effective and reliable CAN Chairman, Lagos State.


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