Africa Missions Global (AMG) facilitators

By Olusegun Obisanya

The Africa Missions Global (AMG) has dedicated resources to continue to impact varied communities in Africa, especially the underserved ensuring that children of the less privileged are enrolled in schools.

Beyond education, the organisation is also investing in health services as well.

The Chief Executive Officer of AMG, Pastor Eyono Fatai-Williams disclosed this at a programme for children of school age in Makoko, Lagos, recently where it has gone to partner with the community to commence an educational programme.

She said, “We are proud to say that we’ve touched over 30 million lives across Africa. And we’ve done this in many ways. Either we are building a school, we are putting in water for a community, we are doing something in education, a health outreach, an empowerment program, something gender-based, different things.

“But the focus is really about going into a community, depending on what the need of that community is, we intervene. But two years ago, just post-COVID, we sharpened our focus to say we want to focus on education.”

Pastor Eyono Fatai-Williams

The CEO stated further that in more than two decades of existence, the organisation has come to realise that when the children are educated, community is liberated.

“So our focus is on education, and last year we launched a program called Horizon 2033. We want to reach and impact about 100 million lives directly and indirectly by this timeframe. And in doing that, we are going to go in through education. We want to educate the African child.

“And when you go in and set up something on education, or support an existing school, or whatever gaps you find, we make sure that there are good sanitary conditions, and for that to happen, there must be water. And for there to be water, we need to put in a borehole. So we have a project called Water for Life, and it’s doing boreholes across Africa. We’ve done over 40 so far, and counted. So we make sure there’s water.”

According to the CEO of the faith-based organisation, AGM .has established schools in some countries in Africa including Nigeria

She called on philanthropic organisations and parents to support government effort in the area of education.

She said, “I think we as parents and philanthropic organizations should support the government to ensure that the curriculum the government has given, we follow it. My appeal to the government is that in the school curriculum, let’s include something that teaches our children to be patriotic. Let’s include something that makes the African child value himself or herself.”

President of Harvesters, the young professionals arm of the Africa Missions Global, Tobi Aniyu said the mission came to Makoko community and environs to mark the Children’s Day and supporting their education.

“We are here to commemorate the Children’s Day celebration for 2024 and also to reach out to the children in Makoko community, to raise the knowledge, educational attainment of these children, particularly with their parents who are indigents.

“In the Young Professionals group, we have something called the Summer School Project, where every summer we go to different communities across Nigeria and we offer free lessons to children. At the end of that period, we organize a quiz competition and the best students are giving scholarships,” he said.

Speaking at the event, Pastor Iliya Polycarp lauded the group for the educational programme and the various gift items that were presented to the children who thronged the location. Parents also pledged to give necessary support in ensuring that the educational programme succeed.


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