Bro & Sis Oladapo Abayomi

We got married in 2015, about 8 years ago, and since then we’ve been trusting God for the fruit of the womb. At a particular time, we visited a medical doctor, and he said we should go for some tests which we did and my wife was diagnosed that her two fallopian tubes were blocked and she would not be able to conceive naturally. So, we were asked to go for IVF. We sourced for the money; God made provision and we went for the IVF and at the end of the day it became a failed process. We were unhappy about what had happened.  How could this happen? We kept praying, and last year convention themed Perfect Jubilee, we came as a couple for the first time to Redemption Camp and we prayed together.

Exactly 26th September last year, she told me she was pregnant. I didn’t believe then. I said okay, let’s go for test. We did blood test, it was positive, then I said let’s go for scan and the scan revealed she was 7 weeks 5 days pregnant. How God did it, I don’t know. What doctor said it’s not possible naturally, God proved Himself beyond expectation. I want to return all glory to God because here is our own perfect baby, Enoch Oluwadusin Abayomi. Praise the Lord!!!

Bro. Oladapo & Sis. Mary Jane Ada Abayomi


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