L-R: Sam Oloruntoba, APICP Admin for Youth Province 1, RCCG; Bisi Akande, Convener, The Advance Leadership Conference; Dr Sola Oludoyi, Asst Continental Overseer, UK; Coach Lolade Akande; and Pastor Sola Owoeye, National Youth Pastor RCCG during the Advance Leadership Conference 2023 in Lagos recently.

The Pastor-in-Charge of Youth Province 1 and convener of Advance Conference, Pastor Bisi Akande, has advised the youths and upcoming generation to live and lead a life of purpose to tackle the challenges ahead of them.

Akande gave the charge at the 2023 Advance Leadership Conference themed, ‘Live Well, Lead Well’ held recently at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Lagos Province 23, Maranatha Parish, Gbagada, Lagos.

Speaking on the topic, “Living the Life You Want”, Akande posited that life is a choice in the hands of the owner, stating that wish, hope, dreams or vision is not enough to create transformation but doing is actually what one needs; which is living a life of intentionality.

“You see, life is about how we lead. Everyone in this life deserves to be led well. Leadership isn’t about somebody else; it begins with you.”

He said the category of people who are intentional with life are those who live and lead with purpose, and that the questions everyone needs to answer in life include: Who am I? Your Identity; Where am I from? Your Origin; What do I have? Your Potential; What can I do? Your Ability; Why am I here? Your Purpose.

Indicating his daily 5 must-do, such as “Pray, Read, Write, Think and Add value to somebody”, Akande added that purpose is not about size but about significance and can be a waste of time if not impactful. He also mentioned how one would know if he hits his purpose as it must be something that one loves doing and it must be something one knows how to do easily and have competence in doing.

He enjoined the participants to develop right principles and connect with the right people as intentional individuals.

Pastor Bisi Akande

The Life Coach gave the audience 5 questions to reflect on; “What’s that thing you want to do that you haven’t done? Why do you want to do it? What kept you back? What’s your first best step of doing it? When are you going to take this step, be specific?”

Asst. Continental Overseer, RCCG UK, Pastor Sola Oludoyi, advocated the need for every leader to live a balanced life by consciously juxtaposing their private life with their public presentation. 

He said, “We have noticed you can be much anointed and be a very bad leader. If you’re not balanced, you can’t lead well. You need to settle things personally before you do it publicly. Until you learn to be alone, you can’t be enough for everybody. Don’t be a private failure and a public success”.

Chairman of the planning committee, Pastor Biodun Famojuro, in his opening speech, explained that leadership has qualitative influence which men and women who know God do exploits excellently wherever they find themselves, and in whatever they stand for.

This year’s Advance Leadership Conference is the sixth edition and it was put in place as a way of proffering solution to leadership problem in Nigeria.


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