Pastor E. A. Adeboye

I will tell you a true story. I heard the story only ‘last month’ and it shook me to my bones.

A man bought a brand new car and he was washing it, he was adoring the car, cleaning, the car.

And his son, a young boy, I think…, I cannot remember the age – maybe 4 or 5 years old, was scratching something on the new car with a sharp object on the other side of the car.
And the father exclaimed, ‘my new car! This boy! You are scratching…!’

In his anger, he grabbed the first thing he could lay hands on, and it was a hammer… true story.

And he began to smash the hand of the boy; by the time he came to himself, the fingers of the boy were already mangled.
He rushed the boy to the hospital and they had to amputate all the fingers of his right hand.

The following day, the boy said to him, daddy, when will my fingers grow?

And the man went out to the car, and he looked at what the boy wrote on the car – what he scratched on the car.

The boy wrote: I love you daddy.

The man could not bear the pain, he committed suicide.


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