Most Rev. Gabriel Leke Abegunrin

The Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Ibadan Most Rev. Gabriel Leke Abegunrin has urged the Nigerian government to stop giving palliatives to few individual who will convert them for selfish gains but rather subsidize the food items to make it more accessible to the masses.

Speaking to newsmen at the Justice, Development and Peace Commission held in Ibadan, Abegunrin noted that the news of government sharing palliatives is what makes round but the impact is not felt by the public.

In Abegunrin words: “If the food items are subsidized, it will go round and eventually reach Nigerians. We often hear of palliatives being distributed but we never see them. We hope that the social welfare package should be extended to citizens of the state.

“We would also like to see funds allocated for the good of the people to be used for the purpose and not the endless accusations and counter-accusations that our political leaders continue to engage in, in the hallowed chambers.”

The Archbishop voiced that the economic crisis rocking the country became more pronounced due to the pain and apprehension induced by bank’s implementation of government requirement to update customer’s data

He stated: “While the government may be well-intentioned, the implementation has caused much distress and anxiety. After the cashless policy and scarcity of Naira in 2023, the banking sector must not be seen again as causing pain and stress to citizens who want to have easy access to their money,”

The clergy man who also spoke on increase of kidnapping and banditry insisted that the government are coming out plain to Nigerians that most communities have resulted to local vigilantes.

In his statement “They once said they have identified those sponsoring banditry and they have failed to bring them to justice. Economic hardship often leads to deviant behaviours; many communities have resorted to policing their communities, especially at night.

“The government is called upon to ensure that the various security outfits in the state provide security for all and sundry. If this is lacking, individuals will resort to jungle justice as we have been witnessing in recent times.”

The clergyman who spoke on behalf of the church pleaded with the Government to returned schools to the church where it originally began.

“The time has come for these schools to be returned. Results from many Catholic Schools throughout the nation lend credence to this. With her track record of academic excellence and holistic education and formation of young people, the state stands to gain if and when schools are returned to their original owners.”


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