Pastor E. A. Adeboye

I will tell you one story; one very important chief somewhere in this state was sick and his friend, very close friend of his came to me and said please, he is a very good man; he has built a church for the town, he has done this, he has done that come and pray for him so he will be well. So I went. Then I asked him, sir “are you a Christian?” He said “I have been a Christian before your mother was born”. “Have you really surrendered your life to Jesus?” He said look at that church, I built that one, there is another one over there I built that one.” “That is not what I am asking for, are you a Christian?” So he said “I am a Christian”. I said “yes sir”.

So I prayed, a week later I went, no improvement at all. So I said I know what I will do; I took two of my prayer partners and I sent them to the place.
And I said I want you to stay there for seven days, the water you are going to drink there take it from home, no food, no drink from his house. Fast and pray for him. They fasted and prayed after seven days I went to check, no improvement.

I said I know what I will do, I will handle this case myself personally, I will fast I will pray nonstop for 21 days until he gets well. Then God spoke to me and said, “son, if you want to fast it’s alright. Fasting is good for you but don’t fast for this man because you will be wasting your energy. But “Lord why?” I asked.

He said ask him the following questions. God gave me seven questions to ask the man who claims to be a Christian; how many secret society people do you belong to? How many people have you killed? I said “God, How can I ask these questions?” God said “ask. You are the one who wants to fast for twenty one days”.

I went to him and say “I am sorry sir, its God who asked me to ask these questions…” by the time I got to the seventh question, he asked me to go away that he will send for me. The next information I got from him is that I should never come back there. Of cause I never went back.


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