Pastor Malachi Folorunsho

Life is not based on assumption. God didn’t create animals and other creatures with the assumption that there was light; He created the light before creating things that needed light. To assume is to think or accept that something is true but without having proof of it.

‘Top-oriented’ people are realistic. Those who always act based on assumption often end up having more wasted years. It is not possible to become a university graduate by mere assumption.

Most times we are not realistic with ourselves; people often pretend to be doing the right thing after laying a faulty or absolutely wrong foundation. Eh! Friend, let’s call a spade a spade; keep your right doing and fix your faulty foundation first. Do not assume it will become right automatically.

No matter how rich your manure/fertilizer is, it cannot work on dead plants; it will only raise more weeds (unwanted plants). Any time you are driven by assumption alone, you are simply nurturing the weeds and if care is not taken, the weeds might cover your garden.

If you hurt/offend someone, do not pretend as if nothing has happened, even if the victim is your subordinate. Make necessary effort to be sincere with yourself. “Fix your fault before it becomes a compulsory battle to be fought.”

Do not assume all will end well when your process/action is totally wrong.

If humans could understand the law of assumption, our world will be a better/safe place to live in. For instance, a thief steals with the assumption that he won’t be caught. This might work for some time but sincerely speaking, all the escapes are potential battles to be fought in the future.

It pays to be driven by proofs. Do not always assume you are right and others are wrong. Do not always be the first to attack people because you’ve assumed you might be attacked. Change your view about people, stop being driven by negative assumption. This will save you from unplanned problems and ease your journey to the top.

See you at the top!


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