Pastor E. A. Adeboye

May be I just remind you; you have heard the story before; I had told you before; when I had to stay overnight in the house of one very wealthy man, a friend; and it was breakfast time and the cook came to him and said what will you have for breakfast?

And he began to ask what did I eat yesterday? The Cook told him. What about the day before? To cut the long story short, finally, he decided that he will eat bread and egg.

And then the Cook said, how do you want the egg? Scrambled? Fried? Scotched? Boiled…? After scratching his head for quite a long while asking when was the last time I ate boiled…

Finally he decided on cooked-boiled egg. And the Cook said, how do you want it, boiled? Half boiled? Medium boiled? And he decided after a lot of thinking – medium boiled. And the Cook said, how many minute in hot water?

Haa! Thirty minutes to decide what to have for breakfast. And me I was seating down hungry; and the Cook turn to me and asked. Sir, what would you like? I said everything you have done, just make it plenty! I don’t have that kind of money but God be praised; I have a very good appetite.


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