Pastor Toyin Olugbemi
Pastor Toyin Olugbemi

By Toyin Olugbemi, Ph.D.

Audacious faith is faith that is solid, daring, persistent and not swayed by difficulty, hardship, trying circumstances or open danger. It is a tenacious faith that holds on in spite of highly challenging factors, impossible demands, intimidating threats, contrary developments, dangerous situations and opposing forces. The faith of Jacob with the Angel of the Lord, that of David before Goliath, as well as that of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego before Nebuchadnezzar, are good examples (See Genesis 32:24-28, 1 Samuel 17 and Daniel 3).

Audacious faith is confident vocal faith that speaks with authority, courage and expectation, as if one is absolutely certain of the result. It may involve going through tough challenges, trying and scary moments and still staying on top, unruffled and undeterred, achieving purpose. It is characterized by radical trust and complete reliance on God and His word in making impact or producing expected or required results.

Some Biblical Examples Of Audacious Faith

  1. The woman with the issue of blood: This woman had fervent hope and audacious faith to receive her healing! You therefore should purpose faithfully in your heart that your time has come and that you would not allow your blessing to pass you by. Let us look a little more closely at this woman.

Nobody understood her predicament better than herself. That day of her encounter, when others were pressing around Jesus, she rather pressed through by faith to touch Jesus and forcefully receive her healing, no matter what. All that mattered to her was to receive her healing by faith. What an audacious faith!

She had so many issues in her life: (a) An incurable sickness; (b) her affliction had rendered her poor; (c) she was ceremonially unclean and highly restricted because of her long continuous bleeding. She might indeed be smelling and nobody would want to associate with her. Physically, her health was gone. Financially, her money was gone. Spiritually, she could not enter the temple because she was unclean. She, however, ignored all these issues and looked unto Jesus who could take care of all of them at once. She was not disappointed. No disappointment for you, too! The Lord will answer you today.

I declare today that where you have been rejected before, people will celebrate your arrival there this year in Jesus’ name. I also decree that everything you have lost to the devil physically, spiritually, financially, and heath wise, as you exercise audacious faith, they shall be restored back to you a hundred-fold in Jesus’ name.

2. Blind Bartimaeus: The audacious faith of Bartimaeus was shown by his persistent screaming of “Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me” until he received the Lord’s attention for the recovery of his sight. He refused to be silenced by those opposed to his cry, but cried out the more (Mark 10:46-52). Somebody will cry this day till his/her voice is heard in heaven and the request granted.

3. The Centurion’s Case: How do you describe the faith of the Centurion who came to the Lord at Capernaum, seeking healing for his servant? (Mathew 8:5-13). Clearly audacious! Imagine the Lord’s remark that He has not seen so great a faith in Israel. The man instantly got his miracle. You too can do likewise and receive your blessing immediately. Why not get on your knees now and pray?

4. The Canaanite Woman: Consider the very resolute, unyielding faith of the Canaanite woman who came asking Jesus to heal her daughter. Jesus, initially, literally refused to attend to her. He did not answer her but she persisted in her plea. Jesus even likened attending to her to throwing the children’s food to dogs, yet the woman did not give up. Instead, she accepted to eat crumbs if that was what dogs normally got. She simply would not take “no” for an answer. She persisted until Jesus answered her and healed her daughter. The Lord himself even commended her faith. Why not start to exercise such audacious faith, if you would like the Lord to honour your faith and answer you too? (Read the story in Mathew 15:21-28).

5. It Is Your Time: Can you position yourself to receive that long-awaited blessing and miracle as you call on the Lord right now? Cry to the Lord: “Father, I look unto you; do not pass me by this very moment in Jesus’ name.”


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