Sis Kemi Okunola

I’m thanking God for my salvation and that of my family. In 2020, I got married, I had a miscarriage in 2021. To the glory of God, I got pregnant again but it was an ectopic pregnancy, and one of my fallopian tubes was removed. I began to wonder if I can ever conceive again as I just have one fallopian tube whereas some others have two fallopian tubes and are yet to conceive. But to the glory of God, in 2022 when Daddy G. O was celebrating his birthday, while I was in my room, I told God because this is Daddy Adeboye’s birthday week, Daddy please by this time next year I want to carry my own baby and immediately, I entered my room and packed some clothes. I did as if I’m pregnant, and I tied wrapper on my tummy.

In July when Mummy G. O. was celebrating her birthday, I told God they call this month the month of perfection, I really want to know the power in this perfection so I fasted 3 days towards the month of July. Then, as the month started, I fasted for 7 days. It was then Daddy G.O declared mid-year fasting and my ovulation was around that time. I met with my husband just four days before the conclusion of the mid-year fasting. To the glory of God, I became pregnant again. At a point I was bleeding and it went on for like a week and I thought it was an implantation bleeding. But I kept on bleeding for like two months.

Then I went to the hospital to check, they told me it was a fibroid, and I said God how can it be fibroid after one miscarriage and one ectopic pregnancy? But God in His infinite mercy did it to the extent that when I was delivering, my baby came out alive but the placenta refused to come out. I was calling the God of Daddy Adeboye, saying that He started the journey and will never leave me alone.  The God of Daddy Adeboye came through, even when the placenta was already ruptured, it was already melting, but to the glory of God, the Doctor of all doctors came in at that time – He was not just an ordinary doctor. He inserted his hand inside my vagina and brought out the placenta to the glory of God. At the end, my baby and I are alive after one miscarriage, one ectopic pregnancy, two months of bleeding and fibroid. The Lord gave me Oluwasemilore Zoe. Who did it? Jesus oh my God, wow!!

Sis Kemi Okunola


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