Mr Adekunle and Mrs Damilola Banjo

We got married in May 2015. And because I used to have several menstrual pains, we wrote to our Father-in-the-Lord, Pastor E.A Adeboye, to please pray with us concerning healing and the fruit of the womb among other things. He replied that the Lord will fight all our battles and we’ll carry our babies and He will give us healing. Then, we didn’t know there was any battle ahead. Then in March 2015, I was diagnosed with endometriosis which will cause infertility and at a point the doctor said maybe I should consider adoption. But we thank the name of the Lord because we kept trusting in the Lord for His words through our Father-in-the-Lord that the Lord will fight our battles.

God kept reinforcing His word through our pastor-in-charge of my parish, and he kept saying that it will end in praise is what God is saying concerning our matter. When we go to the Open Heavens gallery, we would tell God on Mummy G.O’s bed that since she was not barren we cannot be barren. Daddy G.O stayed in this room he was not barren, we cannot be barren. We want to bless the name of the Lord because we kept believing the word of knowledge from Shiloh hours, Holy Ghost Services and all and today we have our testimony.

In October 2020, I was confirmed pregnant and on 1st June 2021, the Lord blessed us with our multiple wonders Erinoluwanimi Peace Banjo and Eriniseoluwanimi Joy Banjo. Not only did the Lord bless us with the fruits of the womb, He also granted us healing. In those 6 years of waiting, I would go to the theatre countless times but we bless the name of the Lord because since the arrival of these beauties, our multiple wonders, it has been healing. I haven’t entered the theatre again for surgery concerning endometriosis.

The Lord has taken those monthly pains away and we have forgotten our miseries like water that passed away. We have come to give God the praise. Praise the Lord!

Mr & Mrs Adekunle Damilola Banjo


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