Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Text: Ephesians 3:20-21

Our God is Jehovah El-Shaddai, the God who is more than enough, the God who can do much more than you can ever think is possible. He doesn’t know how to do small things, for example, He doesn’t stop when your cup of blessings is full – Psalm 23:5. He just keeps on pouring. He doesn’t give little miracles. In Psalm 68:19, He makes sure there will never be a crisis again. In 2 Kings 4:1-7, not only did He pay the debt of the widow, the widow had enough left to enjoy for the rest of her life. Anytime He is dealing with you, He wants to go an extra mile. In Mark 8:22-25, when they brought a blind man to Him, He touched his eyes and asked him how are you now, he said I’m seeing now but I’m seeing men like trees and He said, that’s not good enough, come let me give you another touch.

In the name that is above every other name, all of you who need a second touch, you will receive it tonight.

He doesn’t just provide wine, in the wedding at the Canaan of Galilee, he gave the best wine (John 2:2-10). He wanted to make sure that not only will there be no embarrassment for the bridegroom, but He also wanted to move him from embarrassment to glory. He wanted to be sure that the wedding will be talked about not because wine failed but people will be talking about the wedding where the wine was the best. He made a promise in Joel 2:26-27, He said it again and again, my people shall never be ashamed and I hereby decree in the mighty name of Jesus, you’ll never know shame again.

But not only that, He has a way of changing shame to glory. In Mark 10:46-52, He turned the embarrassment of Bartimaeus to glory who was not just a beggar but a hated beggar. At the end of the day, those that were asking him to shut up were the people who came to call him. They said, ‘come, He is calling you, be of good cheer’. God is not just a helper. In Psalm 46:1, the Bible calls Him the ever-present help in trouble. Just when you have a crisis, He will show up; but it goes beyond that, He’s ready to carry you to safety – Matthew 14:22-33. Not only will He help you in time of trouble, like He promised in Isaiah 43:1-2, He says He will stand by you in time of trouble, so you will come out without being burnt by fire. So even when you have a trial, He remains with you. He helps you pass the examination and then you want to ask the question: ‘Why exam? When you know you’ll stand by me during the exam’. The reason for the exam anyway is usually so He can bless you double – Job 42:12-17.

In Psalm 90:1-2, when He wants to uproot a mountain, He uproots it. So, He gives you the authority. Just believe in Him and then command mountains to move and the mountains will move. God does not just move mountains, but occasionally to show Himself mighty, He will cause you to fly over the mountain so the mountain is waiting but you have gone over it – Isaiah 40:31.

He doesn’t just give victory; He can give you victory upon victory! In 1 Samuel 17:34:51, a lion came, David killed the lion; a bear came, David killed the bear; Goliath came, David killed Goliath. He doesn’t just give victory, He can make sure you never have to fight again, He can make sure all the weapons fashioned against you will not prosper – Isaiah 57:15-17. So, you don’t have to worry. If anyone wants to fight, let him fight.

And when He promotes, He will not only reach down to the dunghill – 1 Samuel 2:7-9, He can pick up a beggar from a dunghill. He keeps on raising him up until he can dine with kings. He said not by your power nor by strength shall no man prevail. He doesn’t just go to the dunghill; He goes deep down the dunghill. According to Psalm 40:1-3, it says He can even go to the miry clay and bring you from there.

I’ve told you my own story, my father was so poor, the poor people called him the poor. God went to the miry clay, and He brought somebody from that fellow who is talking to you right now. When He wants to promote, He can go to the prison house to bring somebody there and make him a great ruler. Do you know the story of Joseph in Genesis 41? Joseph woke up in the prison as a prisoner, by the evening, he was the Prime Minister of Egypt.

In 1963, Nnamdi Azikwe became Governor-General of Nigeria. Then he came to visit Ondo. At that time, I was a little teacher at Ondo Boys’ High School and all of us went down to go and see him. There was one of the old teachers standing by my side. As Azikwe was riding pass with an open car, for one reason or the other, he looked at my direction and saw an old teacher standing by my side and told them to bring the teacher because the teacher was responsible for expelling him from secondary school. Azikwe is now Governor-General and he saw that teacher and said he should come. One man was riding in glory, another was already sinking in shame.

I’m talking about this God that can do beyond expectations. He cannot only destroy all your yokes; He can use your presence to deal with the yokes of others. In Acts 16:25 to end, when God paid a visit to that prison house, he came because of Paul and Silas but at the end of the day, when the earthquake came, it was not only Paul and Silas that had their yokes destroyed, but every prisoner got loosed.

He cannot only save the works of sinners, He can turn him to an apostle – 1 Timothy 1:15. Not only can He save your soul, He can fill you to overflowing with the Holy Spirit, so that you can have divine power, power to witness and power over principalities. He can raise you so mightily that even angels will become your servants – Hebrews 1:7-14. God cannot only give you a glorious future in life, Isaiah 3:10, but as a child of God, it’s going to be well with you anyway. Colossians 1:27 says if you have Christ in you, then you know your tomorrow will be alright but according to the word of God, He has even greater plans for you. According to John 14:1-3, He tells you that He has prepared a mansion for you. Now that’s part 1, I can go on and on, but I believe I have established it that our God doesn’t do little things, when He does things, He does it big beyond expectations.

Now, let’s talk about application. You know I’m an applied mathematician; when we have the theory, we want to know how this applies to me. Knowing who your God is, should lead you to the following points:

Number 1. Put Him first and He will single you out for a mighty miracle – 1 Kings 17:8-16, Luke 4:25-26. How will God single out that fellow out of this multitude? It will be the one who will put God first. I’ve told you before, when God said honour me with your first fruit, He’s saying I don’t need anything, I’m the all-sufficient God. Honour is something you give to someone that doesn’t need anything. God says honour me, put me first then see what I’ll do.

Number 2. Obey Him completely and He will heal you beyond expectations. In 2 Kings 5:1-14 when God healed Naaman, he didn’t just heal him, He made him whole; there was no scar of leprosy left – Luke 4:27. God singled Naaman out for wholeness because he obeyed completely. Learn to put Him first, learn to obey Him completely.

Number 3. Trade with Him and you will see El-Shaddai in action. In 1 Samuel 1:9-20, Hannah traded with God, she said, ‘give me a son and I will give him back to you’. When you trade with God, He will bless you beyond expectations; He will show you He is really Jehovah El-Shaddai.

Number 4. Be hundred percent committed to His kingdom work, work for Him, go beyond ordinary call of duty and He will give you unending promotion; promotion comes from God. Your boss is just a human being; his heart is in the hands of God. The hearts of kings are in the hands of God and He can turn his heart like rivers of water.

Do all His will and He will bless you so much that you’ll be running away from the blessings. Deuteronomy 28:1-13.

Don’t limit God. Since you know He will do exceedingly, abundantly above all you ask of Him, then don’t limit God (2 Kings 4:1-7). I know God feels unhappy when you ask Him for small things. At times, we ask Him for so small things that He feels so insulted. So, please, today, don’t ask for small things. It doesn’t matter how many things you ask God today; He will give you more.

In conclusion, whatever you do for God from now, do it with all your heart for He will not share you with anyone or any idol. He is a very jealous God. You want Him to prove that He’s more than sufficient, you must serve Him wholeheartedly. You add anything else to Him, you’re on your own. Be committed to Him hundred percent. Even by the end of this month, you’ll testify.


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