Pastor Femi Emmanuel,

The race for 2027 election has started in earnest. My question is, where is the church? The race has started, the politicians have started to put their hearts together, they are mobilizing, they are strategizing, they are setting up for the next government in 2027.

Where is Church, CAN, PFN? Where are the church fathers, where are the gate keepers, where are the General Overseers, where are the bishops, where are the apostles, where are those that are saying “we don’t want Muslim-Muslim ticket”, where are those saying “there is an agenda to take over Nigeria and we are not going to allow it”, where are they?

The race is already on, where are the patriotic Nigerians? Where are the youths that we were told form 60% of the population of this country, where are they?

The race has already started, the political class are already mobilizing, strategizing, they are already building their structures for continuously taken over session to session because governance setting in Nigeria is that whoever has the grassroot has the government, whoever has the political structure has the government. Political structures are owned by individuals and those individuals determine where you go.

Now, those of us who are saying we don’t want Muslim-Muslim ticket, the previous government, it was not just Muslim-Christian ticket, it was Muslim-Pastor ticket and I don’t know what came out of it. We better know what we want. If the church continues the way we are being lackadaisical, ignorant, carrying up little-little empires, missions all over and only come to the pulpit to vent our anger, to prophecy, to pray and do all the things we have always been doing, then in 2027, it will still be Muslim-Muslim ticket. In fact, in 2031, it will still be Muslim-Muslim ticket, because we are fast asleep. You cannot change the system you are not involved in.

If the church is still just staying on the pulpit, staying in our hallowing chamber and singing all our songs, prophesying and seeing visions, declaring and praying, then we must be deceiving ourselves. Politics is about the people but, we have the people and we don’t know what to do with them.

Nigeria’s political setting is totally different from any political setting in the whole world. The politics we play in Nigeria is not the same with others in the world. We make mistake by comparing Nigeria with United Kingdom, Canada, America and other places. What we have here is totally different. Democracy was supposed to be the government of the people, by the people, for the people, but what we have here is the government of the few using the ignorant masses to put themselves perpetually in power. That is what we have here and that must change.

Let me talk about colonialism. Nigeria got independence from British colonial masters in 1960, that is after they have spent over 100 years here. Nigeria was colonized by the British government but today, sad to say, Nigeria is being re-colonized by the political class. Nigeria has been caged and her people imprisoned by our new colonial masters – the political class. Nigeria as a nation has been raped, exploited and held down. We are crying, agitating, but we are not doing anything.

We are angry; we are hungry; Nigeria is sliding into the poverty capital of the whole world. Corruption is everywhere, insecurity everywhere. We don’t like it but we are not doing anything about it. What are we doing? We are praying, fasting, prophesying and none of that will deliver this country. Can you change the system you are not involved in?

Nigerians have no choice over those who rule them, the political structure owners dictate who rule us. In Nigeria’s setting, the voters are merely used as pieces of paper. After your voting, you are dispensed with because it is he who has the grassroot that determines who you present to be voted for.

And I say to the church again and again, the church should not just be at the voting centres, the church should be at the presentation of who the general voters will vote for. The church is always saying go and obtain your voter cards and I came up and asked, who do you vote for when you obtain voter cards? You are still going to be voting for wrong people perpetually even if you hold elections 100 times, because they are the ones who have the grassroot to present the candidates for general elections. Without a credible delegate, there will be no credible candidates and without credible candidates, you can’t have credible government.

Unless we wake up, and this is a wake-up call. Unless, the body of Christ wakes up, unless the youths wake up, unless the patriotic Nigerians wake up and move to the grassroot politics of Nigeria, our horrible situation will remain the same. Nothing stops anybody from going to the grassroot of politics. So, we must wake up, if not, we have no choice in who rules us. It is said that the people deserve the kind of government they have, but we don’t have that here.

Political Structure

Let me talk about Political Structure. Many people don’t know what political structure is. I remember during the last presidential elections, there were those misrepresenting the youths on social media as the masses and the structure of a particular presidential candidate, but that is wrong. That candidate had no structure. People in the grassroot are the structure. Youths on social media are not the structure, pastors that are venting their anger on the pulpits are not the structure.

Nigeria is a country cascaded into 36 states plus Abuja. It has 774 local government areas and 8,800 wards. These wards are the new clause of power. I didn’t know why God took me into politics but when I got there, I now realized He took me there for a time like this and that is the burden I carry. What I saw in politics cannot be seen on the pulpit. On the pulpit, all we are saying is let’s pray. You are praying, they are cutting your neck; you are praying yet things are deteriorating. Do you think God is deaf? No, God will not do for us what He has given us power to do for ourselves.

We have prayed for Nigeria and God has answered us a long time ago. How? By giving the church massive followership. There is one Pentecostal church in this country with over 11 million members and over 60 thousand parishes. Everywhere, politics is about people, politics is about numbers, politics is about spread. The church has the number, spread and money. The church has the intellectual capability, but the church is a sleeping giant when it comes to politics.  I don’t know who made us like this.

Do you know up till now, there are some church leaders, church fathers, who are still saying politics is evil, ‘don’t go there, leave it for them. Let us just face the work of the kingdom.’ It is good to do the work of the kingdom; hope you know I’m also a pastor? You also know I’m not a failure in ministry, but where is the environment for the church to grow and blossom?

‘Leave politics for the politicians’ is what has brought us to where we are now; the insecurity, the hunger. Nigerians are moving out in droves. If I call for prayer for visa, everybody will run out and it’s not supposed to be like that. Nigeria is 36 states, 774 local government, 8,800 wards, the wards is where the power is, the power for change, the power to have credible leaders, to produce credible governors, credible president, senators. Elective power is at the ward levels and every Nigerian lives within a ward and it’s not about being partisan. Somebody said to me, “are you saying the church should be partisan?” No, the church should not be partisan. I cannot be partisan, a presiding pastor here cannot be partisan, our general overseers cannot be partisan. It is not partisanship; it is ownership. The church should go into the structure producing who the people should vote for instead of being the other way round.

And for years, decades, if not centuries, the doctrine in church is that politics is evil, no child of God wants to go into politics. Politics is not dirty. It is seen as such because we left it for dirty people. Next to God’s power is political power. Government controls everything. If we didn’t know that before, I’m sure we know that now, even up to the food we eat, the schools we send our children to, our welfare, our security, everything is controlled by the government.

How can you leave church in the hands of those that don’t fear God? We have enough good people in Nigeria, patriotic people in Nigeria who could fix this country, but the structure we play in politics will never allow them to emerge, they will never emerge except we build our structure. We can produce credible people; please help me tell my fellow pastors that are running their mouths on the pulpit, that we should stop presenting nonsense.

Do you know after his Excellency, President Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu has been elected, there were some pastors that are still saying he is not our president; we reject him on our pulpit? I watched with disappointment, with pains, seeing pastors harassing judges over things they don’t know anything about and the congregation clapping in ignorance.

Except you have the structure, you cannot produce credible candidates, and except you have credible candidates, you have no credible leaders to vote for. We have been told that Christians should not go into politics and that has grown into our DNA. For that to change, general overseers, the gate keepers, the church fathers, must unlock the church. The church is an imprisoning community, politically speaking; we must unchain the people. Our youths can’t choose leaders to win election on social media, you can’t win it by agitation, you can’t win it by television debate and radio debate; that is just speaking English.

By the grace of God, Nigeria will be fixed. I have already said, don’t compare Nigeria’s political space with other climes like United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and America. Their system will not allow miscreants to come up as they have a system that has been so built that you can’t stand up to be their leader without pedigree. But here, the most crooked can be. No matter how wicked you are, just have the money and you can buy the grassroot over.

Our system is not the same and to spoil the matter, it is no longer hiding that there is an agenda to Islamize this country and they are working on it every day and the church is sleeping and snoring.

The Role Of PFN/DPG

Let me quickly talk about Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, and The Directorate of Politics and Governance, DPG. I want to thank God for the current president of PFN, His eminence, Bishop Wale Oke, God bless him. He inaugurated DPG to put a structure together because there can be no winning without structure. One of the presidential candidates came to me during the last electoral campaign and I said the mighty loves you, I like you as a person, you are talking about productivities. I said I like it. I will love you to be the president of this country but I said unfortunately, you cannot. He said why? I told him that he had no structure.

The first election I stood for was ward chairmanship. So, if I’m talking to you about grassroot, I know what I’m talking about. I said you have no structure; you have no followers. All those clapping and the youths on social media are not the structure that wins election.

Now the DPG of the PFN has put a structure in place. We have installed 36 state directors, local government directors of DPG and we are working to install 8,800 ward officers in DPG. Thank God for that, but hear this, the structure will not work itself and that is where we have issues now. Next to the ward officers is what we call Church Officers of Governance (COG) and that is where the church fathers, general overseers, the gate keepers have issues with.

I expect the heads of the church to allow their members to do what the RCCG has done. God bless Daddy Adeboye. A memo came out from RCCG, some of you will remember, mandating all RCCG parishes to align with PFN to see what we can do to savage this nation. Nigeria needs to be rescued.

Nigeria is sliding and dying and we open our eyes. We have things to save this country with, we have the massive people, we have the education, but like I said, something has told us a lie that we should leave governance for politicians. But Daddy GO allowed a memo to be written to the entire RCCG to align with PFN. That is what all other denominations must do, and when that has been done, each parish, each assembly, must appoint a COG or a Church Officer of Politics, COP. This will be like your Heads of Department, HOD, that will represent your assembly nationally.

By DPG arrangement, these representatives ought to be going on DPG ward meetings by now. As I have told you, the whole country is divided into 8,800 wards. Whether you know it or not, PDP, APC, amongst others are meeting in your wards. It is like where landlords and landladies meet in your street, where are you?

Christians in each of the wards are from different churches. Those churches must mandate their COPs to register all the adult members in each parish and assembly together. The DPG has the structure to train them, we have a time we meet and when we meet, we are meeting as Nigerians who want to take part in establishing good governance for our country. 

Each of the wards will have an exco, and have all the structures laid out. At the next ward congress election of our own caucus, we will present our own exco to be voted for; and election at the ward level is an open ballot. One good thing about Nigerian politics is that as they meet ward by ward, they are in caucuses. Caucuses of political godfathers that want to cease power at the grassroot. I don’t know what you want to be in Lagos now, if it is not from ‘bourdillon’, it’s not possible. I don’t know what anybody from PDP from Oyo State can be if he didn’t come from ‘omi-tuntun’. The political structures have ownership and that is what the church must own and when we own that structure, it is then credible people, Godfearing people, patriotic people, and competent people can emerge.

Now that structure is on, but right now the DPG should be having ward meetings and those who are to be in the ward meetings are people from churches. But where are they? Locked up in their churches?

So, we appeal to all general overseers to do for us what RCCG has done. We must participate at that level. We are not APC, we are not PDP, but when we meet at our wards, our people will have to have their voter’s card and not only that, they must have their party card. Voter card is not enough to put credible people in power in Nigeria; you must have party membership card obtainable at the ward level. 

The executive elected at the ward level will elect delegates and the delegates will elect to-be candidates. Emerged candidates will then be presented to the public for election (to be voted for).  So, the church should not be at the voting centre with voters’ card, the church should be at the selection centre.

If we get this right and we do it, you will see all these politicians will be coming to crawl for you because you have taken their power; that is where the power is. That is the structure and the structure determines who to vote for.


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