Delay means to slowdown, to postpone, to detain and to linger. Delay is the sponsor of late arrival. It makes you spend longer time to get what others get easily and quickly. It makes you work so hard before you get anything. And by the time you eventually get it, all the joy and excitement that are supposed to follow such achievement, are gone.

Delay heralds doubt, frustration, and depression. Looking at the life of Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 17:15-27, God promised them Isaac but the manifestation of that promise didn’t come until 25 years later. Even Isaac took 20 years to have children, and Rachael, who was loved by Jacob, took many years to conceive. When you experience delay, people begin to question the authenticity of you God.

Delay does not happen without cause and its ultimate goal is to deprive you of what you badly need to make life comfortable and happy. You can only understand the pains of delay if you have experienced it. It is painful to watch yourself get to the age you expect to get married, but still be single years later. For others, it may be delay in childbearing, admission, graduation, visa, employment, etc. When your expectation is not in alignment with your reality, beloved, that is delay.

In Exodus 32:1, “When the people saw that Moses delayed to come down from the mountain, they gathered themselves together unto Aaron and said to him, up, make us gods, which shall go before us; for as for Moses, the man that brought us out from the land of Egypt, we know not what is become of him’’. In this verse, we see what Moses’ delay caused the Israelites. They got discouraged and looked for another god. When going through delay, life becomes unbearably difficult and frustrating. You question everything you ever believed about God, you even device other means in search of a solution. Delay is not a pleasant experience; it is not the will of God for our lives. The devil knows the extent our lives would go if we move at the speed that God has programmed for us, so he tries all means to stop us from walking in that realm. For instance, God answered the prayers of Daniel but the Prince of Persia delayed it (Daniel 10:12-17). 

We can also be the cause of the delay we experience. Romans 3:23, makes us understand that sin can stop or hinder our speed in life and destiny. The very glory we are to operate in, can be altered when we live in sin.

Also, our association can bring delay to us. In Numbers 13:31-32, when the twelve spies got back from spying the land of Canaan, it was only Joshua and Caleb that gave positive report; the rest gave a report of fear, defeat and impossibility. Your association can either make or break you, lift or pull you down, encourage or discourage you, make you a goal-getter or a defeated soul. Your association reveals the height you will attain in life, and the frequency at which you will run. If you walk with winners, you have no choice but to win; the reverse is also true.

Our family background, the words we speak daily, can also bring delay into our lives. Walking outside the will of God for our lives, also brings delay. You cannot run faster when you are on the wrong lane. Going outside the program of God for our lives, will slow us down. In fact, it is even very frustrating, depressing and devastating when we go our way.

Weapons For Overcoming Delay

  1. Prayers. Whatever the case may be, we are mandated to pray always (Philippians 4:6-7). No matter how long the delay may be, God has not changed. He still does wonders and changes situations, lifting men. That same miracle of old can be duplicated in your life.
  2. Faith is another powerful weapon that can be used to tackle delay. Romans 4:20, “And Abraham staggered not in the promise of God through unbelief and was counted unto him as righteousness”. Believing God, holding unto His word for your life, will cause His desire to become evidential and tangible in our lives.

Has God ever spoken to you about a matter? Are you believing God for anything? Don’t be weary, He who started that good thing in your life is able to finish it.

3. The word of God is also a powerful tool used to fight delay. How much of the word do you have in you? Are you worded enough to rebuke that spirit of delay using the word of God? When the devil tempted Jesus, He overcame the devil using the word. He repeatedly told the devil, ‘It is written’. The word of God has the power to terminate any form of delay. See Isaiah 55:11, Isaiah 45:11.

4. Praise. Praise is the gamechanger! Prayer moves mountains but you see praises, it moves God. Delay looks powerful because we magnify it by paying attention to it. What you focus on magnifies. From today, choose to live each day glorifying the Father. When you praise God, He comes down in the fullness of His glory. Imagine the glory of God in your life. Everything around you would have no choice than to be clothed with His glory. And when this glory comes, you’ll recover all.

Sadness makes the devil powerful. But when you praise God, you let the devil know that God is in charge. Child of God, delay is never denial. Decide today to put your praise on that ugly situation and watch God turn it to your favour. God can decide to manifest Himself in your life using that condition. Don’t give up on yourself, God has not given up on you. When it seems He is coming late, He always comes with the best, in the fullness of His glory.


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