Setting Captives Free – Part 1 By Olatunbosun Obafemi

Captivity is a state of being kept in a prison or cage. In this context, it is to be under the control of a demonic spirit. Under this condition, the captured exists only at the whims and caprices of Satan. Unlike a physical prison, the victims of this type of captivity may be walking on […]

Health: Overcoming Anxiety And Insomnia – Part 4

How Anxiety Can Affect Sleep Lack of sleep can lead to increased chances of anxiety, but anxiety can also cause lack of sleep. Unfortunately, the two can intertwine quite a bit, causing one to exacerbate the other. Anxiety can have a negative effect on your body’s ability to fall asleep as your brain is in […]

Evidence of Grace in the Scriptures By Pastor J. A. Adeyokunnu

The scripture is filled with pictures and portraits of what grace is like and what it does in the lives of people. Grace started with God because it is His nature to be gracious. It is a constant attitude that He gives towards those who deserve nothing based on qualifications and this article will bring […]

Death And Tax – Part 1 By Titi Adegbile

Tax policy, law and administration are still largely neglected in the area of trusts, settlement and estate planning in Nigeria. However, this is likely to change very soon. It is therefore expedient to plan ahead for the taxman’s calls or seek how to lawfully reduce the current tax burden when it commences. 7.1          RELEVANT LAWS […]

Joseph Is Yet Alive Part 2 By Ola Adejubee

Text: Genesis 45:25-26. “And they went up out of Egypt, and came into the land of Canaan unto Jacob their father, And told him, saying, Joseph is yet alive, and he is governor over all the land of Egypt. And Jacob’s heart fainted, for he believed them not”. Previously, we treated the first part of […]

Writing A Will: Trusts – Part 2 By Titi Adegbile

6.6.4      Living trusts: enable you to put your assets in a trust while still alive. You can wear all the hats: grantor, trustee, and beneficiary; or have someone else be trustee and have other beneficiaries. You could even plan for incapacity in a Living Trust. 6.6.5      Revocable trusts: are simply ones that can be changed, […]

Hindrances And Obstacles To Shining By Toyin Olugbemi, PhD

Many things can make one not to be a shining star. A star may be prevented or obstructed from shining. It may not be allowed to shine effectively or not to shine at all! For example, a light bulb may be switched off, disconnected or broken, thus rendering it unable to shine. Similarly, a person’s […]

Health: Overcoming Anxiety And Insomnia – Part 3

The categories and types are broken down as follows: Additionally, there are different forms of insomnia that a person may struggle with, including the following: Effects of Insomnia Sleep is an essential function that the body needs in order to recuperate, heal, and maintain energy. If you’re struggling to get sleep due to anxiety, insomnia, […]

Grace In Its Full Measure By Pastor J. A. Adeyokunnu

As earlier established, Grace can’t be bought. As reported by Onward, when Clara Barton was engaged in Red Cross work in Cuba, during the Spanish-American War, Col. Theodore Roosevelt came to her desiring to buy some delicacies for the sick and wounded men under his command but his request was refused. Roosevelt was troubled because […]

Destiny Under Attack – Part 2 By Pastor Bosun Obafemi

At this point, his pride came down. He prostrated, begged, and asked me to forgive him. It was when one of the pastors who invited him to the convention came to the police station that we got to know that he was brought to the camp for prayer over uncontrolled anger and pride. This, according […]