King Solomon charged youths to create and maintain a close relationship with God, the creator in Eccl. 12:1. It is very important for one to ensure that youths are lead through the ways of God considering the current happenings. Recalled that a 20-year-old Moses Oko, was arrested earlier in January by the police for allegedly killing a 300-level student of the University of Jos, Jennifer Anthony, for ritual purposes.

The victim had been declared missing by friends and classmates before her lifeless body was found at a hotel in Jos, along Zaria Road on New Year’s Day with some of her body parts including her eyes missing. This frightening dimension is what higher institutions in the country are turning to.

Another is the prevalence of cultism. The vice, in spite the detrimental tendencies and its unacceptability both in socio-cultural and religious point of view, students are still actively engaged in it. The presence of rival cult groups on campus creates atmosphere of restiveness and insecurity due to frequent clashes that are most time brutal and fatal.

However, campus evangelism strengthens spirituality amongst Christian students and has continued to draw from the path of destruction, students involve in anti-social acts into the path of eternal life. Campus evangelism saw to the birth of various Christian student fellowships. The establishment of student fellowships has been instrumental to the spread of the gospel among the youths in order to share with them the unwavering love of Christ to them and also to help them grow in the process of knowing and loving God. The fellowship provides the platform for students to meet, pray and share the word of God.

Student fellowships among others lead students to a commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and also help them in the study of biblical truth and Christian discipleship. Furthermore, fellowships lead them to relate academic disciplines to their Christian faith and also involve them in the study and practical participation in mission for kingdom expansion. Also student fellowship involves them in responsible church membership and denominational understanding and participation.

It is important to note that student fellowships like the Redeemed Christian Fellowship (RCF), the Baptist Students Fellowship (BSF) and other student fellowships provide a medium through which members can continue to grow in faith. They stimulate active involvement of the members in the welfare of their locality, encourage mature Christian involvement in national issues and also help to work for the manifestation of the unity of the church.

Since these fellowships are usually fluid and are active when students are in session, it is usually headed by a President or Coordinator who is assisted by a Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer. This gives the students a window of opportunity to experience spiritual leadership and church administration whole in school and at young age.

Apart from these, student fellowships also prepare the young Christians for committed life of Christianity outside the school environment. There are many student fellowship leaders that have gone ahead to become active and full-time pastors in the fold.

The wave of Pentecostalism and expansion of the kingdom of God in Nigeria can be attributed to the revival activated by Christian students in their various fellowships in Nigerian tertiary institutions. These fellowships were what led to the founding of new churches in 1960 and the 70. This expansion and revival was spearheaded by the late Benson Idahosa, the founder of the Church of God Mission International in 1972. The likes of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Grace of God Ministry and many others were founded as a result of Christian student fellowships that grew out of campuses across the country.

In fact, the Redeemed Christian Church of God also benefitted from campus fellowships as the General overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, through the various special programmes organized across campuses in the country help spread revival through student fellowships. It is reported that it is through the Redeemed Students Fellowship that the first set of educated elite of the RCCG were recruited.

The importance of Student Fellowships on campus can therefore not be overemphasized or wished away as irrelevant. Due to the move of the kingdom of darkness to capture youths with materialism, it is important that Churches and denominations of Christian fold ensure that adequate attention is invested on student fellowships while proper monitoring and encouragement is not lacking in order to expand the kingdom of God rather than to lose precious souls of young Nigerians to the king of darkness.


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