We sometimes appreciate the value of a book by checking its table of content. Your content is your inner value/worth. It is the quality of your personality.

If a mad man is silence and not unkempt, you might confuse him to be a normal human being, but by the time he speaks, you will have an idea of his content.

Your content determines your contact. Nobody wants to associate with someone who has nothing to offer. If you are rich in content, people will struggle to be associated with you. It is possible for one’s position to attract people and not his disposition. If such a man leaves the position, he will be left with only the people who are attracted by his content.

King Pharaoh invited Joseph from the prison because of his content. Stop chasing shadow – do not spend your quality time seeking for contacts, work on your content. “Content determines contact”

Your content determines what you conquer.

The same Joseph conquered lust because of his content (fear of God). If you fall easily into sin, check your content.

Poor content attracts conflict. If you frequently have conflict with people, watch your content. Cain in the Bible couldn’t see things differently when God rejected him and his offering. He chose to kill his own brother because of his poor content. Poor content is an hindrance to right thinking, it produces fear, shame, rejection and inferiority complex. Friend, correct your content!

Be warned, content can be contaminated. Build a valuable content and guide it jealously. Our contents are like mobile applications that require regular update but if your phone is not connected to the internet, your applications cannot be updated. Get connected to the right source so as to get your content updated.

If you fail to build your content, you might end up becoming a victim of another man’s content. So wake up!

The quantity and quality of your content will determine your speed to the top.

See you at the top


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