Effect of cyber-bulling

By Abimbola Ologun

In a world where technology has come to stay and also become part of daily lives, a darker side of the digital world has emerged. Cyber bullying, the act of harassing, threatening or humiliating someone through electronic means, is a growing problem and is becoming a cankerworm that is eating deep into the life of people.

Here, we are going to be exploring the younger generation where for many young people, the internet has become a playground for bullying and harassment, and this poses a serious consequences on mental health.

On a daily bases, young people around the world are subjected to online bullying and this comes in form of hateful comments, threats, and embarrassing photos. Some people subject their prey to torture by sending those photos or videos that bring down their person or states they aren’t good enough. This Constance bombardment of embarrassment can take a serious toil on their mental health, and this could lead to depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts.

But the question is are we going to continue debating on this topic or rather find a solution to the menace rocking the world?

Just recently in Korea an employee of the Gimpo city was found dead. According to information gathered this person has been a victim of cyber bullying from an unspecified group of people.

This is just to prove that cyber bullying is as deadly as “Ebola” virus and if not properly curtailed can wreak lives of families in the society.

What measure can then be taken?

One of the most important things we could do is to educate young people about the dangers that cyber bullying poses. This education begins with the parents as it is often said that right from the world go parents are the first teachers of a child. A child practically learns from parents the basic habits of life: how to talk, and relate with others.

Parents should educate their children on the need to respect values and opinions of others. The parents should guide their children on the use of derogatory words and the dent it can create on the image of others.

They can also serve as example to their children by leading an exemplary life, the way and manner they approach situations especially when issues spring up in home. The way they relate with outsiders and even domestic staff.

Teachers and authorities in schools can also pick up from there. Setting up rules and regulations regarding cyber bullying and anyone who defaults should be ready to face the consequences.
Government can also help by declaring cyber bullying as a criminal act and anyone found guilty in such act will pay for it.

In addition, safety awareness education has to be showcased. What do I mean? Online content has to be thoroughly scrutinized to ensure it is safe for consumption and not misleading. Often times the parents might have done a fantastic job in instilling discipline in their children but the content put out there can make them behave otherwise.

We can also create safety awareness by putting content that address cyber bullying and measures that can be taken to deal with it should in case you fall victim.

Finally, anyone who is a victim of bullying, not necessarily cyber bullying should learn to speak up. Never allow yourself to remain silent because if you do, you can be silence forever. So stand and speak out. Never have the mindset that you can fight it on your own, bullies never give up, once they pick a prey, they ensure they feast on it.

Lastly, I want to say it is a collective effort. Together we can make the internet a safe environment. Together we can stop hiding behind computers, phones or any other gadgets to spread rumour and hateful comments about others. Together we can build a world where love rules over hate.


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