It happened last year when I was in Britain. In May, I discovered that I could not breathe again through this neck, so they rushed me to the hospital. At the hospital I was told to come back for surgery in October. In the morning after the surgery, I discovered I could not speak again. Why? The surgeons said they made a mistake that they had passed a light through my nose to the affected part but when they were placing the light, they placed it on my right vocal-cord which damaged and bruised it. I was advised to go to a Voice-therapist who would do the checking for me and that if it doesn’t work after some weeks then they would have to re-open the place again.  But thank God Daddy G. O was around for the Festival Of Life. I attended the programme and got all the prophecies.

So, when I visited the Voice-therapist again, he was shocked because before then my Jesus just walked in and opened the neck and I could speak again. Surprisingly, when I got to Nigeria, the doctors in Oshogbo where I registered again checked the place and discovered the whole thing was in a mess as they left it. They said what!!! Sir, you’re not supposed to be able to speak. I said, but I can speak. The Lord who made the nose and mouth said I should speak. They said no. They gave me appointment for about four times, every 6 weeks they began to test it and they discovered the same thing. I said I have told you 2 Kings 3:17 says, “Though you may not see wind, you may not see the rain but the valley shall be filled with water.” So that is what the Lord can do. He can bring the voice out of nowhere; He is the Creator; He can do it at any time. So, God has done it, His name be glorified. Praise the Lord!

Israel Oreadewole


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