Deaconess Bolade Bankole

I want to testify of the goodness of God concerning my daughter. In 2015, Daddy G.O said we need more choir to minister as mass choir so I told my daughter to go and join the mass choir. She said mummy, she can’t join that their uniform and so on. I said okay. In 2016 she went for her youth service and when she returned in 2017, I told her to join the mass choir; she said their uniform is too expensive. In 2018, she did her Master’s degree. After that she was trusting God for a husband and I told her to join the mass choir. She said, mummy, their uniform. I said okay, it’s only God that should be doing your own and you don’t want to do God’s own? You have your ND, BSc, Masters, now you want to do PhD and you don’t want to do God’s own?

Then I continued praying for her. One day she followed her friend to a get together outing and she met a Pastor who told her that she is the one delaying herself in the area of marital settlement that she should go and do what God asked her to do to connect to her husband. She got home and said mummy, this is what a Pastor told me today. I said I’ve been telling you to go and join the mass choir. January last year, she said to God, Lord forgive me I’m ready to join the mass choir and she came for the rehearsal in January last year, and during February Holy Ghost Service, themed Miracle, her husband appeared from United Kingdom. To cut the long story short, February this year the wedding was conducted at RCCG, United Kingdom. To the glory of God!

My second testimony is last year I was sick. I started hearing noise in my head to my ears. I went to the General Hospital, and all the medication given to me were ineffective. I want to appreciate the Almighty God, during this last convention, Daddy G.O said there’s somebody here, you have been having noise in your ear that God said after the hallelujah it is gone. I want to give glory to the God that delivered me from this ear noise.

Who did it?! Jesus! Oh my God wow!!!

Dcns Bolanle Bankole


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