Text: Luke 4:16

One of the powers we have as human beings is the power of our free will. We are free to choose the Way we want to do whatever we do, it is from this power that we develop various habits.

A habit has been defined as a settled way of life or regular tendency which may be difficult to break. The word habit came from the Latin word ‘ habitus’ which means a condition or an appearance.


When a habit is a bad one it has the potential to embarrass, or lead to terrible or negative outcome. You can imagine the following biblical examples.


He was a vessel for deliverance of Israel, whose birth was foretold, and was so loaded with power. But he developed a bad  habit of always doing the opposite of whatever his parents ask him to do and ended his life dying with his enemies.(Judges 16:28-30)


Michal was the wife of David, a Princess who was a daughter of Saul. She was married to David a man after God’s heart, who is sold out to worshipping God. But Michal had a bad habit of despising people and looking down on others including even her husband who was busy blessing God with his dancing. She ended her life as a barren woman. (II Samuel 6:16). Bad habit is bad.


Saphirah was a wife of one of the early followers of Christ after the day of Pentecost.

Both husband and wife were very well known and conspicuous in the assembly, they agreed to sell a piece of land and keep some money back to themselves. When the husband was asked whether that was the amount it was sold he said yes, but the wife was not there, obviously she was late to service, three hours later, she arrived. An example of a bad time manager or life manager. This is one bad habit that many women think is part of being a woman, see my dear reader, a bad habit is a bad habit irrespective of who the practioner may be. She was late and became the late, as she died for what she could have been used to prevent. (Acts 5:1-10)


These two bible characters were be-devilled with covetousness. They had the habit of always wanting everything they see with others for themselves. This was the state of mind that led them to untimely physical and spiritual death respectively, and they did not go down alone, but with the members of their families. (Genesis 3:6; Joshua 7:20-21).

Note that both of them saw, and were carried away, and their habit did then in. Bad habit is very bad indeed.

There are too many bad habits for any write up to cover. What is your own bad habit? Deal with it before it will embarrass you or set you up against God and truncate your destiny.


In our scriptural text above, Jesus had the habit of going into the synagogue to discuss with the teachers of the word.

The surest way to break a bad habit is to be determined and practice the good habit to eliminate the bad one. Nothing else or less will help anyone out of the pit of horrible habit.

Philippians 4:13, says you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Make it very clear to yourself that if you don’t do what you need to do nobody will do it for you, and nobody  will suffer the consequences of the bad habit with you too.(Proverbs 9:12)

Sit down and count the potential cost, harm or danger of not changing your way of life. Take note of those who will be embarrassed or negatively affected with your decision and how they will feel or take it.

Also think about how God will respond to you truncating his plans for your life by refusing to take action in the right direction. Luke 12:48 says unto whom much is given, shall much be required. Therefore embrace Romans 12:2, and get your mind renewed so that the perfect will of God will not be hidden from you.

You need to access the power of the highest to actually break some demonically induced habits. That’s why you need to pray more in the spirit and confuse whatever spirit has been detailed to pollute and derail the divine agenda for your life, and leave them stranded.

When you combine your spiritual power with your determination and meticulous planning using reminders, and other bad habit breaking techniques, you will surely overcome.

Without Christ, nobody escapes crisis, therefore renounce your sinfulness and accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour NOW if you have not done so.

Pastor Ola Adejubee
Pastor Ola Adejubee is currently the Pastor in Charge of Region 18, Sokoto in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

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