Pastor Bosun Obafemi

The world, without doubt, is filled with multi-talented individuals who are ready to explode into greatness; however, many are caged by circumstances beyond their understanding.

Every man is created as an entity full of potentials and with a definite purpose. This is summarized as destiny. Destiny is simply what God created you to become and to do in life. God, through Prophet Jeremiah in the scripture said that before He formed an individual in the mother’s womb, He knew the person and before the fellow is born, He sanctified him. Also, in Jeremiah 29:11, God said that His thoughts toward man are thoughts of peace and not of evil to give him an expected end.

There is a divine plan and purpose for your life. When God created the earth, the heavens and all creation, the Bible says, “God looked and saw that they were all very good.” Again, every man born into the world is born with a destiny to fulfil. Everyone is born with a definite purpose to accomplish.

Everyone Needs A Destiny Helper

However, everyone needs destiny helpers to fulfil his divine purpose on earth. As it is often said, a tree does not make a forest. No individual can succeed without being lifted or assisted by another, a presumably God-sent person.

God can use anybody to be your destiny helper, through godly means and for the right purposes. If you carefully examine all the people who occupy prestigious positions, you would see that one way or another, someone aided them to be there. For instance, to become an acceptable leader at any level in a society, the subordinates must approve of it. It could be through election, consensus or appointment.

The crucial role of a helper in one fulfilling one’s destiny cannot be downplayed. It is therefore expedient that you recognize your destiny helpers when they come around your life. Many people miss their portions in life due to their nonchalant attitude towards the opportunities that surround them. The childlessness of Abraham and Sarah ended because they entertained Angels unknowingly. Similarly, most successful people in life are constantly focused and sensitive to opportunities in any situation, be it good or bad.

Your steps to glory are ordered by God for your fulfilment. You must therefore be discerning of divine leading at all times. 

When Destiny Is Under Attack

The destiny of a person born to be great may come under the attack of principalities and powers of the darkness of this world. One day during one of the conventions of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, a young man walked into my office apartment at the Redemption Camp. When he got to the office reception, the receptionist was not on seat. This young man, presumably 30 years old, stepped further into the office corridor dividing two blocks of offices and walked past about eight offices to the extreme end of the office block without the notice of any of us left in the offices. He then entered into one of the office toilets. Meanwhile, I decided to use the convenience before going for the programme. I knocked on the toilet entrance door but got no response; I tried to open the door and it appeared to be locked from inside. I knocked again and again, but still got no response. So, I got curious about who may be inside.

Since the invader refused to talk or respond to my knocks, I locked the general entrance door leading to the block of toilets and speedily went downstairs to inform some security men. By the time one of the security men followed me back to the spot, the invader was already banging on the door with impatience.

Before I opened the door, I asked who he was; rather than respond, he banged harder on the door demanding for it to be opened. When the door was opened, he was brewing with anger saying, “This is a public place, you have no right to close the door against me.” I tried to admonish him for his bad attitude and invasion, and he landed a heavy blow on my chest. At this point, he was fuming with anger, threatening to deal with me for confronting him, in fact, he was ready to shoot if he had a gun on him. The mark of his blood-stained hand was visible on the right-hand side of the white shirt I was wearing.

Eventually, he was overpowered and taken to the nearest police post outside the camp ground. When interrogated by the police of his mission at the office apartment, he said he wanted to make enquiries about services rendered by the office. When asked why he walked through offices and locked himself up in a toilet, he could not offer any reasonable answer. It was then the police said he would be charged for assault and invasion of private property.


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