Pastor Bosun Obafemi

At this point, his pride came down. He prostrated, begged, and asked me to forgive him. It was when one of the pastors who invited him to the convention came to the police station that we got to know that he was brought to the camp for prayer over uncontrolled anger and pride. This, according to the Pastor, had led to the collapse of his marriage and his missing out of many local and international opportunities. Anyways, I told the police to let him go.

This young man who is destined to be great was gripped under severe satanic attack through uncontrolled anger and pride. Likewise, the destiny of a whole nation could be under attack. How do you explain a nation blessed with mineral resources, generating great wealth, yet 80 percent of its citizens live in abject poverty? Literally, that nation is under attack of mismanagement, greed, corruption and other unseen forces.

When the destiny of a person or a nation is under attack, such person or nation manifests the following symptoms:

1. Limitation in life: This is when one’s level of joy, success and achievement are determined by strange forces. It is a typical situation when one possessing potentials for greatness has a barrier placed in the way, limiting and determining the extent the person can go in life. It is expected that where appropriate and greater efforts or commitment are given to a purpose, there should be increased positive results. However, this is not the case for anyone under the attack of limitation in life.

For example, there is a story of a man who despite having a PhD academic qualification, couldn’t find employment except the offer to work as a gateman. Many people are in this category. This situation could be demoralizing and frustrating and it requires divine intervention to correct the abnormality.

2. Repeated failure: Another form of attack on a destiny manifests when one is experiencing failure upon failure, even though necessary and adequate resources have been committed to the venture. This happens in spite of diligent preparation and execution. For instance, one may not be hindered from engaging in a profitable venture or project, but the spirit of impossibility will ensure that (s)he does not succeed at it. People who suffer from this attack work very hard all the time but never gather much. They have nothing to show for their hardwork except huge debts. They work like elephants and eat like ants.

3. Going round in circles: Going round in circles is not normal. When someone moves from one job to another, or when a student moves from one course to another and at the end returns to square one, such person’s destiny is under attack. Another example of people who experience this are people who for instance have been on a queue for certain benefits, but as it gets to their turn, the benefactors have a change of mind and pause or suspend the exercise indefinitely.

This could be best described as motion without movement. Funnily, sometimes, the victim may justify it philosophically, thinking “it is just one of those things”. However, most often, it is not ordinary.

4. Delayed blessings: This is another string the devil may pull to frustrate even believers. When your entitlement is unduly deferred against your expectation, you may miss an opportunity to meet your life target. But every child of God who steadily waits upon the Lord will recover every missed prospect and laugh last. In Proverbs 13:12, the word of God says “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.”

Genuine believers going through this type of affliction should not envy the prosperity of the wicked. There is a story of a minister of God whose church at a point was not growing as expected though he was doing all things righteously. He had a friend who was also in ministry whose church was attracting crowd. Unknown to him, that his friend was using occult power. Out of impatience and covetousness, he sought the assistance of that his friend who eventually took him to an occult priest residing outside the country.

As part of the conditions to possess demonic power to gather crowd, he had to sleep in a graveyard for several days among other ritual exercises. Though his church suddenly became crowded with all sorts of worldly clamour, it was not long before the devil began to demand for repayment. His two children fell ill and died; the crowd in the church began to dwindle gradually; shortly after that, his wife was attacked with a protracted sickness and died. Thereafter, the church became empty as the entire crowd brought together by the evil spirit disappeared. He was at last afflicted with a prolonged sickness and was at the ‘mercy’ of the devil. He lost the ministry, his family, peace of mind, health and he was at the verge of hellfire just because of his inability to patiently wait upon the Lord.

5. Other negative forces: Notwithstanding the above-mentioned possible onslaughts on a person’s destiny by satanic forces, someone can also be responsible for her inability to fulfil destiny through inherent bad character. If you are rude, the potentials in you may be ignored. If you are lazy, you may find it difficult to sustain your potential after discovery. If you are always in the company of wrong people, they will divert and kill your potentials.

Pride is another way a person who is already on the lane of greatness may take to stumble. The Bible says in Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Queen Vashti lost her position in the day of king Ahasuerus to insubordination rooted in pride (Esther 1:2).

Sin is another veritable tool through which destiny is disjointed or outrightly terminated. As sin separates man from God, so also the destiny of a person indulging in it strays into oblivion. Great potentials have been destroyed on the altar of sinful acts. Some individuals who have attained greatness in their various careers lost their lives for romancing with sin. Personalities like Samson, Reuben, Gehazi, Judas Iscariot, to mention but a few, missed their divine destiny on the record of their sinful habits.

Furthermore, a man’s destiny can be changed. This is when the purpose God created a man for is mysteriously altered. For instance, a lunatic roaming the streets is out of his mind; his destiny has been altered, destroyed and his future ruined, except for divine intervention. Destiny can also be manipulated. If you experience intermittent joy and sorrow, abundance and lack, breakthrough and hardship, your destiny is under manipulation.


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