Olusegun Akinsanya

I lecture at Lagos State University. In 2022, one Monday morning when we were doing our prayer meeting in the school, I just discovered that I couldn’t talk again. In the night of that day, I was rushed to the hospital. I lost my right hand, my right leg as well. For about 2 days I was just helpless. I was taken to another hospital; they checked me and the doctor said I’m okay but she told my wife that I will not be able to talk very well again that if there is going to be a miracle at all, that I will only be able to talk maybe 70%, that some parts of this body will not be able to function very well again.

I just said, “no, that is not my portion”. Based on the kind of job I do, if I don’t talk very well, I’ll be helpless. So, I just left the hospital. To the glory of God, what the doctor said I may recover in six months, I recovered fully within one month. I was able to lecture a large class without using microphone. To God be the glory!

Olusegun Akinsanya


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