Sis Bunmi Leramo

There was a Muslim sister beside my business office where I sell things. She came running to me on a Monday morning after last 2023 convention and said, “Mummy, I’ve been looking for you, I learnt you went to camp”. I said, “yes, I just came back”, and she showed me her back and I said, “Jesus, this is a spiritual attack on you”. Then I took the anointing oil that was anointed by our father-in-the-Lord and said, “do you believe in the name Jesus?” She said, “yes, she believes in the name Jesus”. I led her to Christ and applied the anointing oil on her back and by the next morning, she came running back to me and said, “Mummy, Jesus has done it! The place has dried up and it has become normal”.

Who did it?! Jesus! Oh my God, wow!!

Sis Bunmi Leramo


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