Mrs Olufisoye Akinsanya

In year 2020, I was diagnosed of ulcer. I did several tests and took lots of medications but it seemed the medications were ineffective. So, they increased the number of medications I was taking and these were so expensive. So last year convention, I arrived on Sunday evening to the Redemption City, then on Monday evening I walked round the auditorium crying to God that God should put an end to drugs in my life because I was tired of taking drugs; then I went home after the prayer. On Thursday again, I came back, then on Friday night I was lying down there and the first message of Daddy was, “there is somebody here, that drug will not work, at my time I’m going to do it.”  I connected to it and I held unto it.

After that time, it was like my life was going so I met with Pastor Wunmi Aderemi of Praise Team so he encouraged me further. So, I started eating the food I couldn’t eat before, I stopped taking medications but last week while preparing for convention, I started feeling sensation in my belly and yesterday and today I felt the sensation in my back and it was so hot. So, I told myself I need to go for test again. So, while I was seated in the auditorium as the last region for the children ministration were singing this morning during the melody hour, I felt a sensation like my body was vibrating, I felt something coming out of my navel then I felt free. Praise the Lord!!

Mrs Olufisoye Akinsanya


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