Bro Isa Aicoina Samana

On the 25th August, my sister called me and said my mother was dying; I said God forbid. I took a handkerchief and touched her picture and then ran to the Old Auditorium saying, “Father in the name of Jesus, arise please, and restore the life of my mother”. After 3 to 4 hours, my sister told me mummy wanted to eat. When Mummy G.O came to my school at Ede, I sat on the seat she had sat and said, “Father in the name of Jesus, this year is my year. I must speak fluent English”, because before I couldn’t speak fluently as I do now. The second, this year I was ordained. God is wonderful.

Who did it?! Jesus! Oh my God wow!!!

Isa Aicoina Samana from Chad Republic


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