Mrs Adekoya Faith Olubukola

In 2020, during the lockdown, precisely February 5th, on Saturday in the evening, the Dove Television was broadcasting Daddy G. O’s past message. Daddy was talking on ‘Jesus, The Ever-Reigning Champion’. He was even emphasizing that Mohammed Ali was a lost champion, he was a loser because he was a former champion but Jesus is The Ever-Reigning Champion. So, I took hold of the word and kept meditating on it. Suddenly, I became weak, and my vision was becoming dim. So, they quickly rushed me to the hospital and I was hospitalized. Thank God I was delivered.

I came back safely because the doctor said I would have died if not for the mercy of God. After I was discharged from the hospital, I discovered I could not walk with my two legs. I said Lord my Daddy-in-the-Lord said Jesus is The Ever-Reigning Champion, you must win this battle for me. I continued to take my medication and different tests were conducted. Then the Holy Spirit ministered to me to come to the camp. Brethren, it was still during lockdown, no program in the camp. I came in the month of May and as I stepped my feet on the camp ground, Holy Spirit did a marvellous thing! I received my healing; I can walk again. Let somebody shout hallelujah!!!

Mrs Adekoya Faith Olubukola


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