Dcns. Oluchi Oludewa

I’ve come to give God all the thanks for His hands of deliverance over my life. This time last year, I had a very fatal accident. I was with my husband and my baby in a tricycle when suddenly a trailer hit the tricycle and we had several somersaults. At a point when the tricycle finally stood still, I remembered I said God I teach in the Sunday School and I sing for you, I will not go this way. As the tricycle stood still, I lost my eyes and it was like I went blind that I couldn’t see anymore. This is the picture of the accident.

After that, the doctors referred me from one clinic to another and the doctors certified that my left eye was gone. So, they tried to restore the right eye but my Provincial Pastor and his wife called me that they were in camp praying for me that God will restore my eyes. I’ve come to return all praises today because He has restored my eyes and there is no mark. May His name be praised forever! Let somebody shout Halleluyah!!

Dcns Oluchi Oludewa


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