Mr Shola and Mrs Dare Olatana

When I was diagnosed of kidney failure in December, the doctor said I have to start dialysis immediately, that my EGFR has gone so bad to 20%. So, I called my wife, this is what the doctor said. She said I should not worry that that is their own report. She then wrote a letter to Daddy G.O. One week after, Daddy G.O responded that we will give testimony and that God has healed me.

My wife went further by getting Holy Communion from one of our sisters which she got from Daddy G.O too and she brought it to me at Ife because I was admitted at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital. I took the Holy Communion. Before then I couldn’t defecate or urinate for like 2 months but the night she brought the Holy Communion, we prayed and I took it. The next morning, I was able to urinate for the first time in 2 months.

The following night which was two days after, I was able to defecate. I called my doctor that this is what is happening. He said, wow, that I should just be taking warm water to make sure the process goes well. When I went for the test again, the EGFR has increased to 35% meaning I don’t have to do any dialysis again. By the end of March when I did the test, the EGFR has gone to 99% percent, the doctor was marvelled when he saw me. He said, young man, you have a new kidney. He said when a kidney is damaged, it hardly reverses, this is a miracle. The work of a nephrologist is to manage it and to slow down the damage but this one God replaced it after the meal of Holy Communion. Let somebody shout hallelujah!!!

Mr Shola & Mrs Dare Olatana


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