Mr and Mrs Lanleyi

In 2012 when we had this same programme (Annual Convention), I came here asking God for the fruit of the womb. In 2013, I got pregnant and gave birth to my daughter Fiyinfooluwa. My daughter was a year and six months old when my husband became sick. He lost his memory suddenly; he couldn’t remember anyone and he was taken to a hospital. When we got there, he spent 2 weeks and when he did CT scan, they said a blood vessel busted on his brain side and he needed a surgery. We were referred to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH). Four weeks in LASUTH he was in and out of coma to the extent the doctors couldn’t give us any clue.

Later, one of our brethren who came and prayed for us advised me to go to RCCG headquarters that Daddy Enoch Adeboye is having thanksgiving service there. I went there with my handkerchief and anointing oil, Daddy prayed on it and I took it to LASUTH where my husband was lying down and I placed the handkerchief on him. The next morning the nurse that was on duty came to me that he saw something strange (a vision) that some strange people came to where my husband was lying down, they were so tall and dressed like doctors who came to his side pulled him up and opened his skull and they were removing maggots from his head. He further said they were shouting why these maggots are so much but he couldn’t see their heads. At the end of the day after they brought out all the maggots, they closed his head back. Miraculously, after 4 weeks of my husband being in and out of coma my husband regained consciousness.

Mr and Mrs Laleyi


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