Mrs. Grace Oriowo

In 2019 I was here for the year’s Convention. On Friday, a man who sat beside me just looked at me and said sister, when are you getting married? I told him I’m sorry I never came here because of marriage; I needed a job. He said, “God said I should tell you it is time for you to get married”. I said, “I’m sorry, I’m not even in a relationship”. He said, “this time is the time”, and I broke down.

I told him about my past relationship. I thought he was going to sympathize with me but rather he said I have not been looking on the side of God. He said, “God is interested in my marriage”. As I was about moving, I looked at him and I said, “Sir, what is your name?” He said, “Michael”.

I said, “what is your number?” and he said, “don’t ask me of my number. When it happens, I want to hear your testimony on this altar”.

I want to return all glory to God of Daddy Adeboye, because the following month, I got engaged, 2020 I got married to the glory of God. I am on this altar to say He has done it; it has happened. I’ve come to return all glory to God. Praise the Lord!

Mrs. Grace Oriowo


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