Kingsley, a recent graduate who recently completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), is optimistic about finding work in one of the country’s largest accounting firms after graduating first in his class. He is a devoted Christian and, from time to time, helps the church by taking care of its accounts when the need arises.

Alongside this, he is a member of the sanitation department and an executive of the prayer team. As a young member of his church, parents of his contemporaries who are less involved and active in the things of God use him as a point of reference for how a goldy youth should behave. In fact, his dedication, humility, and diligence motivated more youths in the church to become active in the things of the Lord.

However, in spite of his daily vigil, frequent fasting, and unceasing prayers, Kingsley has not been able to get a job. Some of his contemporaries, both within and outside the church, are already gainfully employed and are fast on track to achieving their dream. Five years into his joblessness, Kingsley is beginning to feel frustrated. He was forced to seek counselling from a spiritual mentor who opened his eyes to the basic principles of faith and how it works.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs have been married for six years and have yet to have a child of their own. They are both gainfully employed and on the fast track to becoming top management staff of the oil companies they work for. Although both devoted to the things of God, they,

however, have very little time to speak together intimately as husband and wife. Frequently, they fast and pray for God to remember them just as Sarah, Hannah, and Elizabeth were remembered in the time of old.

For Foluke, a student at university, she would rather attend all the prayer meetings, vigils, and crusades organized on campus instead of taking out time to focus on her primary assignment. Her first semester examination was one of the most unfortunate in the department, and she is on the verge of being advised to withdraw from the school.

Nigeria longs for faithful and trustworthy leaders who are committed to the welfare of Nigerians. These kinds of leaders do not drop from heaven, and neither would angels descend to carry out the duties of these leaders. Christians in the country, with concern for the nation, would fast, pray, and hold crusades calling on God to change the hearts of the leaders to do His will for the masses. However, when the time for voting comes, these Christians would prefer to stay back home, neglecting the obligation and opportunity to vote in government, which they believe would change the tide for the better.

They would not participate in politics but rather outcast other Christians who are interested in politics as being worldly. The end result of this political apartheid is the dearth of leadership.

Apostle James in James 2:26 admonished that faith without work is dead. The evidence of your faith is the output of your work. It is of great concern that some Christians are misplacing their priorities. There is no way a Christian looking for work would make no effort to send his resume to organizations that might be interested in hiring him.

Putting faith into action is when a job seeker prayerfully and with the help of the Holy Spirit submits applications to appropriate organisations that are in desperate need of his services and expertise. Putting faith into action is when couples hoping to have babies of their own create time for intimacy as husband and wife, with prayers and strict adherence to health and medical advice.

Putting faith into work is when a student is as dedicated to the things of God on campus as he is to his academics.

It is the fruits of our labor that validate our faith and serve as shining example for others to follow.


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