Dr Paul Enenche
Dr Paul Enenche

Dr Paul Enenche is a man of God who is appointed and anointed to preach the good news of the salvation brought to the world through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is duty bound to tell the truth to those in authority without fear or favour.

For a very long time, some church leaders in the country, in order to curry favour of political leaders and public office holders, massage the egos of public officers and shy away from speaking the truth from the pulpit. Some in the bid to sit on the fence would speak in parables. However, the founder and Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Dr Paul Enenche, is not one to hide the truth from those occupying political and public offices. In 2021, he described political leaders in the country as space occupiers with no leadership qualities to lead Nigeria. His comment was in reaction to the numerous killings happening unabated across the country.

He said, “to depend on the government is to wait until you are wasted. What a country? At this time, it appears to me as if those we refer to as Chief Security Officers are actually ‘chief insecurity officers’, supervising insecurity in the land. The land of this nation is soaked with the blood of the innocents. A country of heartless leaders, the country with leaderless leaders, leaders with zero leadership quality. We only have space occupiers. Like we call it in medicine, space-occupying legion, and it is actually cancer. They are doing nothing but to oversee massive insecurities. It is not by force to rule, if you cannot rule just resign.”

Dr Enenche was born in Otukpo, Benue state, and he is a native of the Idoma ethnic group in the state. Benue state has its own share of the insecurity situation in the country. Frequent clashes between farmers and herdsmen that are majorly of the Fulani extraction has led to countless bloodshed in the state.

There was a time he raised concern over the killings happening in Taraba and Benue states that implicated herdsmen. He said, “I want us to rise with brutality because there are a set of people in this nation who think they are working on the mentality of the intelligent people. Today, it may be Nunam in Adamawa State and nobody says anything, and then it moves to Southern Kaduna tomorrow and nobody says anything, and then it is somewhere in Taraba or Birom land in Plateau and no one talks, then it shifts to Benue or Kogi, then it goes to Anambra and Oyo, and everybody is watching until the nation is gone. God forbid!

“Nobody has ever gone from Oyo State to Rivers to ask for free land to farm cocoa and making demand on the government to give it to them free of charge. Nobody has ever gone from Onitsha to Jos and ask for free land to sell his spare parts and asking government to pay for the land. So why should people wander in others’ farmland, destroy their land and ask for land free of charge? No, it shall not happen. Nobody is a fool here, it cannot happen; there is enough land in Sambisa Forest for anybody that needs land, not the ancestral land of people’s families.

“I declare death on every killer in this nation or supporter of the killers, whether in power or out of power, whether political leaders or military authorities. The way they are wasting lives, may God waste them and their generation,” he declared.

Dr Paul Enenche and wife, Becky.

Apart from his outspokenness, Enenche’s ministry is characterized by a profound release of the word of God, miracles, signs and wonders with the tangible presence of God. A vast reader and researcher, Dr Enenche helps people to discover and recover their destinies and walks them through the path to achieve their purpose in life.

Trained as a medical doctor, in May 1996, Dr Enenche, with his supportive wife, Dr. Becky, had several attractive opportunities as medical doctors to choose from. There was the opportunity to relocate to the United Kingdom to work at the prestigious University of London and the Hammersmith Hospital. He however chose to seek God’s direction for his life and that same year, after three days of fasting, he was directed divinely to drop his medical profession and move to Abuja, the seat of power, to start a gospel outreach that is focused on healing, saving and delivering people.

For Dr Enenche, his ministry is basically saddled with “connecting humanity with the person, presence, passion, purpose, potential, principles and power of the Almighty, and releasing them to subdue and dominate the world and possess heaven at the end of time.”

Dr Enenche is a devoted writer and speaker of the word. He publishes the monthly daily devotional, Seed of Destiny, designed to boost the Christian faith, with tens of thousands of copies printed monthly. He is also a cheerful giver who supports the less privileged in the capital city with essentials.

Enenche, born on June 4th, 1968, is blessed with a lovely family and godly children to the glory of God.


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