Pastor Sola Owoeye

To embrace means to accept or to acknowledge. An offer is not an offer until it is accepted. That means enlargement is an offer from the Almighty God. It takes a man that embraces it to become enlarged in life. Isaiah 54:2-3 says a man that embraces can never hold back. If you slack you’ll lack enlargement; show me a man of slackness, I will show you a man of lack.

So, what do I mean by this?

These are promises of God over our lives, but let me tell you something, prophecy, pronouncement or promises can bring something to existence but it is process that will bring it to reality. There are a lot of unfulfilled prophecies in the lives of many people because they didn’t go through the process that will make the prophecy come to pass. Prophecy without process will never allow you hit the proceed of that prophecy. Process is as important as prophecy, pronouncement and promises. You work promises to reality by embracing enlargement. It is only enough for God to promise you but you may have to work it to reality.

As a matter of fact, your life is a product of God’s decision and it’s a product of God’s work (Genesis 1:26-28). If you must enlarge, you must embrace the promises of enlargement and you must work it into reality; if you wait, you will waste. God did not only call man into existence; He will also work man into existence. You are a product of God’s work, and the Bible says, “And God formed man”; that is an act of working on man to make man come to reality. The personality and totality of God was transferred to man at creation and God breathed into the nostrils of man and man became a living soul. The breath is called Zoe, the very life of God was transferred to man at creation. What makes God, God, was transferred to man at creation.

Wishing without working will amount to wastage without knowing. If you wish to enlarge and you’re not working it out or embracing it, it will lead you to wasting without knowing.  Big God cannot reproduce a small you; it is the co-operation between divinity and humanity that will give birth to enlargement.

Steps To Embracing Promises Of Enlargement

The first step is in 2 Kings 6:1-7. This aids you to have the ability to have the correct picture of your current state. The highest level of deception is self-deception. Until you see that you’re not at your best yet, you’ll never be getting better in life. You must know that you are not yet at your best. If you think you’re at your best, there is nothing to enlarge again in you.

Don’t settle for less. If you rest before your rest, you can be laid to rest. Where you are is just a passage, it’s not your destination. Your present condition can never be your conclusion. You are going somewhere, don’t give up before you get up. Many give up before their pickup because they think they are at their peak. You’re not at your peak yet, you are on a journey.

Success is not a destination; success is a journey. God is so big that heaven cannot contain Him that He made the whole earth His footstool. As big as God is, He wrapped up Himself and put Himself in our lives. The same God that is bigger than heaven and earth is now dwelling on the inside of you; that is to let you know that the best of you is yet to come because the one that is inside you is greater than the you that people are seeing on the outside. What makes you to be you is the you that is in you.

1 Corinthians 2:9 says you can be bigger and better than what you are now. If you’re not getting better, your life will be getting bitter. You can’t be getting bigger and better and be bitter. It is your level of insight will determine your ultimate size in life. That is your ability to see beyond the physical that we see now. Until you see it, you will not seek it. Until you seek it, you’ll never find it. It is he that seeks that finds. At your highest level of attainment, your best in Christ is still yet to come. There’s a level higher than the highest possible level to come that God still wants to take you to. So, we should let go of our present status in God and aim for enlargement.

There’s still more than what we’re doing now that we can do with our destiny. There is still more of Him that is yet to be revealed. He knows the world is eagerly waiting to see the enlarged part of you. So, let go of past exploits and go for higher happenings. There is still more to what has been happening so far; we have not yet become what we should become, either where we should be in Christ. We are not there yet, there’s more ground to break. Until you’re there, no one will call you my dear. There is more glory to be revealed through us. We need to increase our capacity to carry the glory that will be revealed in us.

Number two is that you mustbe a decision taker. Your life is a product of God’s decision. The Bible says in Genesis 1:26, let us make man in our image; that is a statement of decision. So, your life is a reflection of God’s decision, and what will come in life will be a reflection of your own decision.

The extent to which you’d go in life will be a reflection of your own decision. Your enlargement in life will be a reflection of your decision. Many of you operate in the book of Lamentation while others operate in the book of Songs of Solomon. If anyone throws you down, pick yourself up. If they say no to you, you say yes to yourself. It is not what man calls you that you name yourself but it is what you call yourself. It is the way you see yourself that determines the way you appear. Be a decision taker.

You can attend the biggest program in life and remain small till you die. Is it everyone that attends Holy Ghost Service that gets better? Your decision will activate God’s plan for your life. It is not a great meeting that makes a great man but it is a great decision that makes a great man, so, be a man of decision. The link between your intention and your action is your decision.

Enlargement is not a function of the options available but it is the function of the decision you make with your life. Life will never give you what you deserve but it will give you what you decide. You cannot enlarge by chance; you enlarge by choice. If you enlarge by chance, it will not stand the test of time. Enlargement is not a game of chance; enlargement is a game of choice. Show me a man of decision and I will show you a man of destination in life. Decision activates God’s plan for your life. What distinguishes you in life is not a decision based on limitation but it is a decision based on personal conviction as orchestrated by the Holy Spirit and this is what makes you enlarge in life. Where there is no conviction, there is confusion.

Most of our decisions are based on imitation and imitation is limitation. You have to place your decision of destiny enlargement on personal conviction as orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. Ruth took a decision and she became enlarged.

Where are we opened up on daily basis?

We are opened up on daily basis for better and greater intimacy with God. Every day of our life is an opportunity to enlarge. You are not permitted to have a better yesterday according to God’s plan for your life but if you are not embracing enlargement your yesterday can be better than your today.

2 Kings 6:2 teaches one to be a risk taker, dare the undareable, confront the unconfrontable for you to be enlarged in life. If you don’t take risk, you will remain the way you are. Daddy G.O took risk and produced Redemption City of God. Nobody could take that risk when he took the risk. We were told according to our father-in-the-Lord that where Redemption Camp is today used to be a jungle; the den of armed robbers.

If you want God to enlarge your coast and embrace the enlargement we’re talking about, you must be a calculated risk taker. Not only that you must be a man that sets goal for enlargement; you must be a man of pursuit. A man of pursuit cannot be pursued, because he is pursuing something. If you don’t have a goal, you will become a goat causing nuisance to your environment.

Have the mindset of sacrifice – Genesis 22:9-10.

Heroes are made from the horrors of sacrifice. If you must embrace your enlargement, break away from tradition. Don’t allow tradition to capture your mind and rupture your future. If you don’t update your mindset, you’ll be outdated and downgraded in life. Some people have a global calling but are operating with a local mentality because of tradition. The Redeemed Christian Church of God is a multinational company/organization, you can feature anywhere. But if you have a global calling/vision with a local mentality because of tradition, you will not enlarge in life. Many of you are given to tradition of sin, that you must have a taste of a woman, fornication, oral sex, adultery, pornography and nonsensical things that many are embracing. A tradition that doesn’t glorify God will not allow you to embrace the enlargement God is talking about.

Pastor Sola Owoeye is the national Youth Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God


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