Pastor J. A. Adeyokunnu

The scripture is filled with pictures and portraits of what grace is like and what it does in the lives of people. Grace started with God because it is His nature to be gracious. It is a constant attitude that He gives towards those who deserve nothing based on qualifications and this article will bring together some outstanding illustrations of people who enjoyed supernatural grace in the scripture.


Peter was just a Jewish fisherman in Bethsaida whose original name was Simeon. Simeon Peter was by the river, having toiled all night and could not catch a single fish, when he had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ who came to preach by the river side; Jesus commanded all that were with him to let down their net for a great catch but they were reluctant, only Peter obeyed Jesus and had a net-breaking catch.

Grace found him and he became a fisher of men. Peter in one single sermon attracted more than 3,000 souls who gave their lives to Christ in one meeting. The same shy Peter that was running from being discovered as one of Jesus’ disciples stood in the congregation to witness Christ after the Holy Ghost, power and grace fell on him. The entire city received the saving grace of Christ. That is grace at work. Luke 22:31-32.

Peter became the rallying point for the Lord after Jesus ascended to Heaven. If you want to understand what greater grace means, take a look at the life of Apostle Peter. Even his shadow healed the sick and cast out demons. The account in Acts 5:14-16 will shed more light on this.


Moses was born at a time when his people, the Israelites, were enslaved by the Egyptians. Moses enjoyed grace right from birth as Jochebed, his mother, hid him when Pharaoh ordered all new born boys to be executed. God made it possible for Pharaoh’s daughter to find him and she nursed him as one of the sons of the land.

Despite the fact that he killed a man and ran away from the land of Egypt with stained character, God still chose him as the deliverer of the people of Israel. Moses enjoyed greater grace because he spoke mouth to mouth with God. That is an uncommon kind of grace as we see in Exodus 3:11. There was a time when he was lost, he asked for God’s direction when he said this in Exodus 33:13-14.

Moses saw a glimpse of Jesus (Exodus 33:18-20, 3:1-8); Moses enjoyed so much grace that when he died, angels buried him. Nobody can say this is exactly where Moses’ graveyard is. This is greater grace – uncommon grace as Moses had an intimate relationship with God.

God shows us how GRACE was at work in Moses’ life long before the Law was at work, so that when Moses gave the Law to the world, it was given through a flawed, imperfect person, not from a perfect person. Stop and think about it. There was grace on the life of Moses – Great Grace (Exodus 33:12,13,17). It was God’s kindness, compassion, and forgiveness that poured out upon his failure.


Elijah is a Hebrew prophet who saved the Christian religion from being corrupted by the worshippers of Baal. Elijah is recorded in the scripture as the first prophet whom God gave grace to raise a dead child in 1 King 17:17-24.

Oh! What a wonderful and timely intervention from the God of all grace to honour the grace He bestowed on His very own prophet.

Elijah also challenged the prophets of Baal to call down fire from morning till evening time. They cried all to no avail, they even cut themselves that blood was gushing out but Baal never answered them. But immediately Elijah thanked the God of Israel and called down fire, the bible records that fire fell (instantly). He is the only prophet that called down fire from heaven at will. What an amazing level of grace this is!  I pray for you, that you will be launched into a realm of extraordinary grace in Jesus name, amen. 

Let us consider the following account in 1 Kings 18:31-38, Elijah was taken away by chariots of fire – that is Greater Grace. Elisha in 2 Kings 2:3-14 saw what happened in the life of Elijah, and asked for a double portion of the anointing in the life of Elijah.

He enjoyed greater grace more than that of Elijah. Elijah performed eight different miracles but Elisha did double the number of miracles that Elijah performed, last of which was his dead bones raising the dead because of the anointing on his bones. You an see this account in 2 Kings 13:21.


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