Pastor E. A. Adeboye

I went home on holidays one time and pounded yam was prepared as meal. I am sure you know that is my favorite food; with bush meat and combined okro soup… (laughing), I can see some of you, you are seriously smelling the food.

As I was about to eat the food, I heard God clearly saying ‘son, don’t eat’.

Haahaa! I said, Daddy, I am on holidays; and I know who prepared this food, there is no poison in it or any danger.

At least a man must relax once in a while; abi?

I want to eat again and I heard him saying ‘son, don’t eat’.

The temptation was too much – I ate.

Just as I finished eating, information came that my elder sister had been knocked down by smallpox, and they have sent for me to come and pray.


You want to face small-pox with a belly full of pounded yam? I was disturbed.

When I got to her and I saw how she was covered from head to toe with smallpox I realised while God said, don’t eat.

I ran to the back of the house, and put my hand in my throat, (laugh) brought out the food by force; then, I went and confronted the smallpox.

I thank God that by the second day, my sister was completely well again.


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