Deaconess Tolulope Owolabi

Last year during the convention, Daddy said those who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb should be laid hands on but I was at the children’s auditorium so I couldn’t come out. I was just weeping in my office and I said God, you know I need this but just touch me where I am.

On Friday, when the children were brought out dancing, I told God I want to also bring out my baby and when Daddy came, he said that someone said she wanted to also bring out her baby during next year convention, and God has answered her prayer. So, I went back to the office and I told those that were there that next year I won’t be in the office this day next year, not because I’ve lost my job but because my baby has come and they said ‘Amen’.

In September, we were anointed for the fruit of the womb. After the Holy Ghost Service, I started having severe pains on my right side and it was diagnosed as appendicitis but later on Saturday, the doctor said we should do more test but I was reluctant because I was tired of doing pregnancy test and to the glory of God it was positive. I was so shocked.

In April 2023, God gave us Oluwafunbi Tobechukwu Owolabi. Praise the Lord!!!

Deaconess Tolulope Owolabi


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