Sister Ogundipe Abigail

I thank God for the salvation of my soul. In the year 2019 during the September Holy Ghost Service, I came with a heavy heart because in July that year, I had a miscarriage and lost my only child. In the course of the prayer, our father-in-the-Lord said ‘as many of you trusting God for the fruit of the womb, if there’s any part of your body that needs replacement, you should ask God for it’. I told God to replace my left ovary that was removed as a result of the surgery I had in 2013.

Thereafter, I went to see my gynaecologist for follow-up on how to get pregnant. He said, madam you said you did an oophorectomy that your left ovary was removed, but we can see two ovaries and they don’t even look alike.

As if that was not enough, when I saw the consultant gynaecologist in January 2020, he told me ‘Madam, we can’t help you, we’ll need to remove your two ovaries because you have cysts and they have grown so big and you also have fibroid, so you cannot carry a child.’ I told him I don’t have any child and you’re telling me this and he said, ‘well, you may seek for an egg donor to be fertilized by your husband’s sperm’.

I told it to God and said, God, only if you can do this. Then, I called a Christian sister who was a consultant gynaecologist and she told me whose report I want to believe; I said God’s report and she joined me in prayer. I was told to come on April 4th 2020 for surgery to remove the ovaries but to God be the glory before the end of March, I was pregnant and December 2020, I delivered the promise child Isaac Wonder Ogundipe and in December 2022, God gave unto me Isabel Ogundipe, the one that is devoted to God. To God be the glory!

Sister Abigail Ogundipe


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