Funke Felix-Adejumo
Funke Felix-Adejumo

Are virtuous women endangered in today’s world? With the frightening surge in the number of single mothers and increasing rate of divorce in the country, one is tempted to wonder if women who are committed to building a home and a glorious family are still available. More also, are there women committed to raising other women to achieve greatness in life common in this generation? Due to the societal perception of divorce, most couples in the country would opt for separation with instead of divorce.

In Nigeria, due to some cultural orientation, women are seen as subservient to the male gender. This orientation unfortunately fuels gender-based violence and has deprived many women the opportunity to maximise their potentials and contribute meaningfully to the society.

Realizing that this is a ploy of the kingdom of darkness to damage homes and rupture the future of children from such background, Pastor Funke Felix Adejumo, a woman passionate about the female gender took the burden to counsel married women on how to make their homes heaven on earth, and young ladies on how to prepare for a happy home, yet not sacrificing their passion, vision and goals on the altar of marriage. This God’s General’s passion for womanhood inspires her several impactful women programmes like Mothers’ Summit, Winning Edge Conference, Women in Leadership Conference, and a lots more.

Pastor Funke is unwavering in her commitment to raising better and spiritually-focused women. She once said, “I am raised and called to help the woman spiritually to help her know that her life should be sound spiritually; she must have a sound relationship with the Lord….If she is not married, that does not mean her life is not complete; she must enjoy where she is, on her way to where she is going. In marriage, being the right person is more important than marrying the right person. She must prepare her life in such a way that every morning, her husband will wake up and bless God seeing her as an asset.”

Her passion for women empowerment is no doubt unconnected to her background. She was born on January 28, 1963 in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital into an environment where sending a girl-child to school was seen as a waste of resources. Her father was pressured not to sponsor her education because the neighbourhood believed that she cannot be successful, but in spite this she rose against the odd.

Despite the financial challenges, Funke was able to attend primary and secondary education in Ibadan and she sponsored herself through the University with the assistance of her husband, who was then her fiancé. She is a graduate of English from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). Today, Funke Felix-Adejumo is married to Felix Adejumo, the President of Agape Christian Ministries.

Pastor & Pastor (Mrs.) Felix Adejumo

Adejumo is the president of the Funke Felix Adejumo Foundation (FFAF) a nongovernmental organisation that empowers women. A selfless woman with the pure passion to better the lives of the less privileged, she is unconcerned with jewelries, fashion trends and cloths. She has always confessed that she prefers to pay the school fees of indigent students than pile up her wardrobe with cloths and jewelries. Apart from the FFAF, this daughter of Zion also runs an orphanage, Grace Orphanage, where orphans are nurtured to be a blessing to the world around them. Over hundred children have been catered for in the orphanage.

Pastor Funke is more focused on women; widows, single mothers, wives, mothers and daughters. One of her platforms for grooming better women in the society is Another Chance Women’s Home, where women who have been victims of gender related and domestic violence are cared for. Through this platform she makes provision for these women to live and be trained until they are fully recovered and realized their potential to be a blessing to the world.

As a well-sought-after conference and seminar speaker, Adejumo has trained women at both local and international conferences on how to function better in life, career and marriage. She hosts an annual international outreach, Mothers Summit, that attracts mothers and young ladies hoping to be mothers in the future from across the globe together to pray. Mothers Summit has molded homes and produced glorious testimonies.

Pastor Adejumo has authored over 50 books including “Fifty Lessons Life Taught Me“. “My Seed is Designed for the Palace“, “Mothers Summit Prayer Points” and many others.


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