Timothy Malachi

In the previous episode, our discussion was based on “on your mark” which is usually the first command for a runner. The second command is “get set.”

“Get set” could mean a warning that the race is about to start. It comes in-between “on your mark” and “go”. It is a command that must be obeyed.

What are the things you have started in life? There are few commands in-between that must be obeyed.

“Get set” is not a waste of time, it is a call to wake up your inner strength and to calm your nerves. In life, we are often faced with little delays which we cannot do anything about. May I tell you for free that the delay is part of the process? Accept it and leverage on it for your next level.

“Get set” is not the last command, it is a temporary delay, a phase that will soon pass. You need to develop that inner ability that will enable you to cope with temporary delay in life.

Do not fight temporary delay, it is an opportunity for you to find some intrinsic motivation that will aid your journey in life.

For you to achieve success in life, your level of obedience will be put to test and the test is usually done during this period of temporary delay. Has God revealed to you your purpose in life? You need to get set before you go, it is dangerous to just be “on your mark” and from there you “go”.

King Saul could not manage his own moment of temporary delay; when he could no longer wait for Prophet Samuel, he forced himself to offer sacrifice and he was disqualified (1 Samuel 13:8-14). Jesus was able to manage his own moment of temporary delay in John 2, His mother told him there was no wine, instead of him to act (go) immediately, he said my hour has not come (get set).

May you receive grace to manage your moment of temporary delay in Jesus’ name.

See you at the top!


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