In the previous episode of “See You At The Top” we discussed “Get Set” as the second command to athletes. In this episode, we want to discuss “Go”. This is the last command to athletes. It is a call for action in the right direction. It is a command that will determine whether an athlete will be celebrated or consoled, it is a command that will give meaning to hidden preparations.

No matter how hard you have prepared as an athlete, if you refuse to respond to the command “Go”, there won’t be any reward for your preparations. You must pay rapt attention to know when to take vital actions in your life, career, marriage and health.

The word “Go” must come from the umpire or else, you will be disqualified.

Where is the source of your “Go”? If you live your life responding or reacting to every “Go”, you will live in frustration and probably miss the prize.

There are three things you must manage if you want to receive the prize:

1. What you left behind.
2. What you will meet on the way.
3. What is waiting for you at the finish line.

What you left behind

It is important to note that the person who commanded you to go will not go with you and if you look back to see if he is coming behind, you might miss out. Sometimes in life, we receive valuable instructions, ideas, counsel, etc., from people but instead of running with those ideas, we pay too much attention to the person who gave the ideas. Hear what Jesus has to say on this; Matthew 23:3, “All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.”

You were taught in schools by many teachers, and today you are an engineer, a doctor, lawyer etc., but those who taught you to become who you are, still remain as teachers. In life, we will pass through many things that will never follow us to the finish line; just leave them behind and move on.

Another set of people to leave behind are those who just want to watch you start the race. They are not part of the race, but they are there to witness your starting point. You must also know that you will leave them behind.

What or who you left behind might not necessarily be your enemies; it is just that they are not part of your race. It is your race, not theirs.

What you will meet on the way
While you are running your race on your lane, there are spectators who will be waiting for you on the way. Some will praise you, some will correct you and some will condemn you. You must not be carried away by these. The praises you receive along the way are just to encourage you; they are not victorious praises. If you don’t win the race, the narration will change.
Some are also waiting along the way to mark your errors, which are what they are being paid for; refuse to be their candidate!

Some are there to treat you when you sustain injuries; be watchful not to be their patient! Your focus must be on the finish line, that is where your prize is, that is where your celebration is.

What is waiting for you at the finish line

This should be your motivation. A crown is waiting for you, celebration is waiting for you. Do not allow what you should leave behind and things along the way to deprive you of what is waiting for you.
Obey the command “Go” and keep going until you get to the finish line.

See You At The Top!


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