Bro & Sis Ifedayo Faniyi

We have come to show what it takes to have beyond expectations. We got married in 2012. Like every other couple, we were expecting the fruit of the womb. But 10 years down the line nothing was happening. In 2020, my School of Disciples’ Coordinator told me about A Day Out With God Of Daddy G.O, and this time I attended alone. Daddy came around and gave us a key holder. In 2022, my husband and I attended. As Daddy was about to minister, he said, why are people asking for a cup of water when they can have a river? My husband and I just told God if He can give us one or two children, we are okay, that He should change our testimony.

We went home and during convention, Daddy talked about good problem. In August, my conception came. 7 months down the line I went for my antenatal and I was asked to do scan and my husband and I decided we are not going to do the scan but after persuasion we did the scan and the man who did the scan looked at me and looked at the scan, and he said what do you do? I said it. What does your husband do? I said it. Then he asked, what about your mother-in-law and father-in-law? He went on with those kinds of questions. At that point I was scared because I know medically, he would tell me a wrong information. But on 17th February, 2023, God decided to compensate my family with quadruplets: Kikiola, Kikiope, Kikiogo, and Kikiimole Faniyi. To the glory of God!!! I want to thank our father-in-the-Lord for his gift towards the children, we thank you sir. And I want to say what God cannot do does not exist.

Bro & Sis Ifedayo Faniyi


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