Pastor E. A. Adeboye

You have heard it before, for at least some of you. Two people fought – two fathers fought in a village somewhere in Ondo state.

One of the two fathers fighting said to the other, by the time I am finished with you, nobody will remember you came to the world.

The other one thought it was the joke of an angry man; but fifteen days later, he discovered it wasn’t a joke, because he died.

His children came home to bury their father; among the children was the first born who had just returned from Germany, he came home with a brand new car.

After the burial of their father, on his way back to his place of work, he had an accident and died.

They brought his died body back home; the mother saw the greatest joy of her life dead; she collapsed and died.

The other children came to bury their mother and their brother. On their way back, the next to the boy who died had an accident and died.

And it went on and on until it remained only one boy in the family; and the only boy happened to be a student of medicine in Ibadan.

He went home after the final burial of his last fellow and the man who cursed his father saw him and said, haahaa, there is still one of you! He said okay!

Before I killed this one I will torture him a little.

The boy returned to Ibadan just went crazy – began to tear his books, tear his cloths; gathered them together and set them on fire.

They picked him up and took him to Aro, a psychiatric hospital and loaded him with drugs.

When they thought he was better, he came back. And because he had burnt everything he had, he went home to collect money from his Papa Cocoa Plantation, that man saw him.

Haa! You are not already working naked in the street? He said okay!

They boy came back to the University; again, every books he bought, the dresses he bought, he tore them and burnt them. They took him back to Aro.

And he kept going to and fro, to and fro; until finally someone said, this is not a medical case and they brought him to Redemption Camp.

When he came here, he had not slept for fourteen days; his eyes were red.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, we prayed, my Father took over; when he became normal, we told him don’t go home yet, finished your studies, the Almighty God will be responsible.

I still remember the day like yesterday when he graduated as a medical doctor.

The Almighty God intervened and dealt with that arrester from his root.


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